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POS Hardware

Fujitsu offers several point-of-service solutions in a variety of form factors including compact all-in-one and traditional POS controllers. All are highly configurable to ensure the ideal feature/functionality/price fit for each retailer’s unique requirements.

Fujitsu TP8 All-In-One Series

Fujitsu TP8 All-in-One SeriesThe new Fujitsu TP8 All-In-One (AIO) is a state-of-the-art point-of-sale solution for retailers who require flexibility, advanced performance, serviceability, reliability and maximum ROI to create a world-class shopping environment.

The compact and stylish design of the TP8 AIO has modern aesthetics that easily blend with a range of retail environments - from fashionable and sophisticated to extremely rugged. Retailers can appreciate the flexibility of a single product platform that supports multiple in-store touch points, which can reduce installation and service costs, as well as provide fast, easy customer transactions for the ultimate interactive retail shopping experience.

TeamPoS® 7000 Point-of-Sale Series

TeamPOS 7000The latest addition to Fujitsu POS product offerings, the TeamPoS 7000 family consists of two flexible form factors: The A-Series, a compact all-in-one; and the modular F-Series available in dispersed and stacked configurations. Both TeamPoS 7000 solutions offers retailers a sleek and ultramodern solution for providing multiple in-store touch points--even in the most fashionable and sophisticated environments.

Eco-sensitive and retail hardened, the highly adaptable TeamPoS 7000 AIO terminal can be configured for a variety of installations including countertop, column, and pole. This addresses the widest spectrum of retail markets, including supermarkets, convenience and specialty stores, quick- and table-service restaurants, and hotels. The modular TeamPoS 7000 F-Series compact controller is designed for dispersed placement either vertical, horizontal, above or below counters, or within a stacked configuration with integration. Flexibility, high reliability, simple maintenance, and low energy consumption combine to deliver extremely low total cost of ownership.

TP-X II 500 Coupe Point-of-Sale Controller Series

TP-X II 500The Fujitsu TP-X II 500 Coupe point-of-sale controller series is a compact version of the Fujitsu TP-X II Standard Model 5xx with a 40% reduction in volume. It is based on the same motherboard and provides a similar level of connectivity. With dimensions of just 11” wide x 11” deep and 4” high, it can easily be installed in the most challenging environments all around the store.

Fujitsu D75P Series (Capacitive Touchscreen Display)

The D75P is a bright touch-enabled LCD display designed to complement the styling of the TeamPoS® 7000 range of All-in-One and modular Point of Sale systems. IT can also be used with any PoS controller, such as the TP-X II or standard PC systems, providing a stylish and robust Operator or Customer display.