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Fujitsu Fresco™ for Grocery

Fujitsu presents the Fujitsu Fresco™ POS solution: our full-featured, customizable POS and cash management product. The Fujitsu Fresco™ POS solution builds upon its traditional POS heritage to deliver a seamlessly-integrated solution geared specifically to grocery, but also ready to address food service, pharmacy, cosmetics, clothing, and other areas within your stores and entire enterprise - the list is endless.
Unlike the Fujitsu Fresco™ POS solution, many traditional point-of-sale (POS) systems are unable to integrate as easily or as seamlessly into a single, cost-effective store solution. The Fujitsu Fresco™ POS solution delivers a complete integrated product, and is also able to draw on the potential benefits of the new technologies that are constantly entering the market, without the usual limitations.
Fresco Diagram
The Fujitsu Fresco™ POS solution features out-of-the box native support for U-Scan self-checkout, Cashbox, Retail Wearables, and the Fujitsu Hospitality Management Suite (HMS) solution.

Stand Out

Because you want to go your own way and stand out from your competitors…
The Fujitsu Fresco™ POS solution allows you as a retailer to differentiate yourself from the competition by building in your own value-added functionality. You can leverage multiple interfaces for various touchpoints, mix and match regular POS lanes with self-checkout lanes and food ordering stations, and remotely manage them. The Fujitsu Fresco™ POS solution features an advanced GUI that can help you improve service to your customers.
Sell Anywhere

Save Time

Time is money, and time spent lost in complex screens and menus means sales are not ringing up as fast!
Usability is the key factor that drove us to create the Fujitsu Fresco™ solution’s intuitive GUI and interactive help that reduces training times by offering fewer screens to navigate, so associates can get up to speed quickly. Minimized touchpoints keep associates focused on serving customers, for a faster checkout experience with fewer errors. New Retail Wearable technologies connect associates with supervisors to easily alert managers so they can to jump in to help when necessary.

Sell Anywhere

Let your customers buy anything, anywhere, and at any time…
You can choose full service or self-service for customer checkout, as well as omni-channel functionality that allows in-store customers to buy items that aren't physically available in the store. Let your customers buy anything, anywhere, and at any time; even let them combine orders and purchases into a single transaction.

Lower Costs

Why pay for add-ons when you can get it all in one package?
You can choose your hardware platform, and even leverage your current hardware solution, since the Fujitsu Fresco™ POS solution leverages the Microsoft® platform. Fujitsu Fresco™ POS for grocery is the only POS that comes out-of-the-box with Native support for U-Scan® self-checkout, Fujitsu Cashbox, Retail Wearables, and the Fujitsu Hospitality Management System (HMS) solution. Fujitsu designed and extended the GUI and business rules libraries to give more flexibility to store operations personnel when they are defining new POS-based business processes and integrating with other solutions.
As a result, you can increase throughput at the checkout while lowering the cost of servicing customers. In addition, simpler workflow translates directly to lower training costs.

Be Free

Retailers, you want to enhance your existing applications and be able to choose your own new systems…
You are never locked into purchasing applications from a particular vendor. You can implement the Fujitsu Fresco™ POS solution with your current enterprise solutions or solutions you may discover in the future, or optionally leverage the Fujitsu Fresco™ POS solution’s complementary enterprise products: StoreCENTERTM; CustomerCENTERTM; and ReturnCENTERTM.

Take Control

Stay off the phone – Integro will come to the rescue before you even realize you need help...
Up-time is vital in the supermarket. The Fujitsu IntegroTM Lifecycle Management tool tracks your field assets and eliminates outbound support calls by detecting POS and self-checkout terminal hardware issues and raising tickets automatically with the support center. Associates will get help automatically; instead of waiting on hold for help, they can request a callback at the press of a button.

Count On Fujitsu

Need services and solutions to support you throughout your store and enterprise? We’re there for you!
Our retail software solutions, based on U-Scan self-checkout software and Fujitsu TeamPOS POS hardware, are installed in supermarkets worldwide. Fujitsu provides professional and managed services that can deliver end-to-end support wherever you do business. Fujitsu’s reach also extends beyond the store, to provide solutions ranging from tablets to servers and storage devices, as well as consulting and implementation services for enterprise requirements. Software, Hardware, and Services options from one global vendor allow Fujitsu to become an extension of your business, not just a software, hardware, or services vendor.

Download the Fujitsu Fresco™ POS for Grocery Fact Sheet (661 KB)

The Fujitsu Fresco™ POS solution, while designed for high volume, large transaction supermarket throughput, provides Internet connectivity, real-time integration, and is easy to install, configure, and use. Its highly flexible architecture makes it extremely easy to customize, maintain, and modify quickly to meet ever-changing business and customer requirements. With the Fujitsu Fresco™ POS solution, retailers can increase their associates’ productivity while at the same time improving their customers’ shopping experience and fostering loyalty.