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Virtual Tape and Deduplication Services

Fujitsu offers a variety of ETERNUS® CS Virtual Tape and ETERNUS CS800 DeDuplication services. Our Virtual Tape services deliver faster and more reliable solutions, requiring much less human intervention and consumable resources. Our service professionals will assist you in the development and deployment of Virtual Tape solutions that will maximize your existing resources and increase the return on your IT investment.

Our QuickStart Virtual Tape Services are available for Virtual Tape Library (VTL), Network Attached Storage (NAS), and High End (CS-HE) configurations. In addition, we offer an ETERNUS CS Solution Inspection Service which performs a detailed check-up of your ETERNUS environment, and can also be used to analyze your backup and restore infrastructure.

ETERNUS CS800 Services

ETERNUS® CS800 Services provide you with expert assistance to help you get your new ETERNUS CS800 DeDuplication Appliance up and running quickly as well as provides hands-on operational training for your staff.

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The ETERNUS® CS-HE Services offer you enterprise-class support to assist you with your high end data protection needs. The unified integration of disks into the data path to tape storage by ETERNUS CS eliminates the backup and restore bottlenecks. This service results in lower operating costs, reduced complexity, and increased dynamic flexibility in the commercial use of backup/restore applications in the data center.

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ETERNUS CS Solution Inspection Service

The ETERNUS® CS Solution Inspection Service ensures the optimal performance of your ETERNUS CS environment. The service performs a deep analysis of your ETERNUS CS environment.

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