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  • United States, Sunnyvale, CA, September 14, 2017
    Fujitsu Enhances Identity Security with Advanced Cloud-based Biometrics Solution
    Fujitsu America, Inc. announces the launch of a cloud-based Biometrics-as-a-Service (BIOaaS™) offering which, in light of recent large-scale data breaches like the Equifax cybersecurity incident1, is a unique solution for organizations facing increasingly complex data security risks. This offering demonstrates Fujitsu’s leading edge capability to secure financial, commercial and customer environments through integration with our recently established Intelligent Security Operations Center (iSOC) in Dallas, providing real time security alerts in a seamless manner. With the launch of this cloud-based identity platform, Fujitsu is transforming the market by offering quick deployment that lowers costs and allows customers to choose and blend modalities to develop the best use case for their particular organization and requirements, permitting rapid integration with existing business intelligence and systems. Available biometric modalities can include voice, face and fingerprint on customer’s smartphones for low cost, low risk applications, right through to the award-winning Fujitsu PalmSecure® solution for high-security deployments.
  • Japan, Yokohama, September 12, 2017
    Fujitsu Achieves Significant Global Milestone
    Global Shipments of FUJITSU Image Scanners Have Passed the 10 Million Mark!
  • United States, San Jose, CA, September 07, 2017
    Fujitsu All-in-One, 3-inch Panel-Mount Printer Unit Offers Embedded Printing Solution
    Fujitsu Components America, Inc. today released a compact, panel-mount printer unit that reduces the time and cost needed to integrate high-speed printing capabilities into a variety of receipt- and label-generating equipment. This new unit is an addition to the existing 2-inch 24VDC panel printer series, the FTP-62GUSL001-R.
  • United States, Sunnyvale, CA, August 28, 2017
    Fujitsu Offers Out-of-the-Box Hybrid Cloud Capability
    Fujitsu America, Inc. today announces the immediate availability of a new appliance that addresses the business needs of enterprise customers seeking robust hybrid cloud solutions in order to reduce costs and simplify cloud manageability requirements. The appliance offers a single end-to-end solution that features a pre-validated and pre-installed version of the Fujitsu Software Enterprise Service Catalog Manager, a self-service portal for enterprises and service providers that automates the delivery of software, infrastructure, and platform services for employees and customers. Customers will have a choice of form factors when selecting the new appliance: either a bare metal or a virtualized appliance available on our Fujitsu Server PRIMERGY® or a pre-validated VMWare®-based Fujitsu Integrated System PRIMEFLEX®. This will be the first appliance in a portfolio of solutions aimed directly at tackling the journey to hybrid cloud.
  • United States, Richardson, TX, August 10, 2017
    Fujitsu Receives AT&T 2016 Supplier Diversity Crystal Award
    Fujitsu Network Communications is receiving the 2016 AT&T* Global Supplier Diversity Crystal Award.
  • United States, Sunnyvale, CA, July 24, 2017
    Fujitsu Innovates Server Portfolio for the Computing Demands of a Digital World
    Fujitsu America, Inc. today announces the availability of its new, fully refreshed range of dual- and quad-socket PRIMERGY® servers and octo-socket PRIMEQUEST® business critical server systems designed for Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors. These combine exceptional performance, flexible configuration options, and optimized system designs to meet the changing computing demands driven by digitalization, including advanced analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI). With its latest server models, Fujitsu offers a full set of workload-optimized servers that make a perfect foundation for building secure, agile, multi-cloud data centers: the IT architecture for a human-centric, digital world.
  • United States, Sunnyvale, CA, July 19, 2017
    Fujitsu Signs Agreement with ImageWare to extend Security Portfolio with Multi-modal Multi-factor Biometric Solutions
    Fujitsu America, Inc. today announces that it is broadening its biometric security solutions portfolio through an agreement with ImageWare Systems as its Biometrics-as-a-Service partner. ImageWare Systems (OTCQB: IWSY) is a leader in mobile and cloud-based, multi-modal biometric identity management solutions. This agreement strengthens the broad portfolio of Fujitsu cyber security products and services, which includes the Fujitsu PalmSecure® family, the SAMURAI Platform™, the RoboSOC™ (SOC in a Box) solution, consulting services, systems integration services, Security Operations Centers (SOC) and other managed security services. These cyber security products and services are available across North, South and Central America.
  • United States, San Jose, CA, July 18, 2017
    Fujitsu Releases Compact, Lightweight, High-Voltage DC Switching Relay for Electric Vehicle Market Applications
    Fujitsu Components America, Inc. today introduced a high-voltage DC load switching relay series for the electric vehicle charging market with 13-percent higher voltage switching capability, 77-percent less power consumption, and a package size 40-percent smaller than similar, available relays.
  • United States, Sunnyvale, CA, July 13, 2017
    Fujitsu Prioritizes Customer Protection with New Investments in Enterprise Security
    At a time when cyber-threats are on the rise around the globe, Fujitsu America, Inc. is increasing its already substantial investments in security measures in order to better protect our customers through the use of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI).
  • United States, Sunnyvale, CA, June 27, 2017
    Fujitsu and Skuid Partner to Deliver Business Applications Faster
    Fujitsu America, Inc. today announced the expansion of its Digital Services and Incubation partner ecosystem with Skuid, the leading cloud platform for accelerating sales innovation, engagement and productivity. Skuid and Fujitsu will collaborate on the speedy delivery of business applications that don’t require coding to their joint customers.