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Fujitsu Releases ETERNUS8000 and ETERNUS4000 Storage Platforms

- World's largest storage capacity and highest I/O processing performance -

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, April 20, 2006

Fujitsu Limited today announced the release of two new storage platforms, the ETERNUS8000 and ETERNUS4000 disk array systems. The ETERNUS8000 is an enterprise disk array available in four models, including a top-of-the-line model that boasts the world's largest storage capacity (1.36 petabytes) as well as the highest I/O processing performance. The ETERNUS4000, also available in four models, is a mid-range disk array providing superior cost performance. Both new product lines combine massive scalability and high performance with robust data security and encryption features to manage the information assets of the enterprise, making them ideal storage platforms for customers dealing with new business compliance laws. The company will begin taking orders today in Japan and in other countries.

ETERNUS8000Figure: ETERNUS8000. Click "Larger View" for high-resolution photograph.)

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With the advent of new regulations, such as Japan's version of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and the Personal Information Protection Law, there is an urgent need to deal with such issues as regulatory compliance and the reliability of financial reports. In addressing these issues, companies need to employ an integrated approach to archiving and managing their burgeoning electronic records, including documents and e-mail, as well as an IT infrastructure that enables them to quickly and efficiently search these records in order to access data on demand. Finally, with companies coming under increasing scrutiny on their procedures for managing data storage, it is essential that they guard against information leaks that threaten their corporate value and reputation.

As part of the introduction of these new storage systems, Fujitsu has enhanced and rebranded its storage management software under the new ETERNUS SF (Storage Foundation) name, replacing the previous SOFTEK-branded products.

ETERNUS is a core product line of the TRIOLE IT infrastructure, Fujitsu's unique strategy for optimizing IT infrastructures and, improving IT operations, stability, dependability, and internal control.

Product Features

ETERNUS8000 Enterprise Disk Array

1. Hardware enhancements

- World's largest storage capacity and highest I/O processing performance

The top of the ETERNUS8000 line is the Model 2100, which provides up to 1.36 PB of internal storage capacity, the world's largest. The system accommodates up to 16 3.6 GHz processors capable of achiving the world's highest I/O processing performance, approximately 2.5 times faster than Fujitsu's previous top-of-the-line ETERNUS6000 Model 1100 disk array(1). For situations that demand massive storage integration, Model 2100 is able to achive unsurpassed performance.

- High scalability and data-transfer speed

The Model 2100 can connect to servers by up to 128 paths, and can accommodate up to 256 Gigabytes (GB) of cache memory and up to eight controllers, giving it approximately double the scalability of the ETERNUS6000 Model 1100. Furthermore, it uses high-speed Fibre Channel interfaces for both server interfaces and drive interfaces, for data rates up to 4 gigabits per second (Gbps).

2. Enhanced security & data preservation

- Data encryption support

For enhanced security, the ETERNUS8000 offers new data-encryption features that encrypt data within the disk drives. The use of highly secure 128-bit AES(2) encryption helps prevent information leaks even when the disk drives are physically removed.

- Improved backup features

Fujitsu has expanded its current disk-to-disk (D2D) backup feature, One Point Copy (OPC), by adding "QuickOPC" and "SnapOPC" features to it. QuickOPC works by making a complete copy of the source volume the first time it is used, and subsequently only copying over changes. This is a fast backup method that is useful in case of breakdowns, and is appropriate for backing up critical databases and other data that must be preserved. SnapOPC backs up only newly changed data. This allows for smaller backup volumes, and is an efficient approach to double-redundant backup suited to fileservers.

- RAID6 for double disk failures

The ETERNUS8000 supports RAID level 6. This goes beyond RAID5, which includes a single parity disk drive in a given RAID group(3), and uses two parity disk drives, ensuring that even if two disk drives fail simultaneously, no data is lost. Using low-priced 500 GB Nearline FC disk drives as D2D backup destinations with RAID6 provides a D2D backup approach with excellent reliability.

3. Cost-effective disaster recovery system

In addition to the existing Fibre Channel protocol, the ETERNUS8000 supports iSCSI for remote copy between disk arrays. The iSCSI protocol is a direct disk connection over a network, requiring no special networking equipment. Furthermore, by supporting IPsec data encryption(4), the system can run on inexpensive communications infrastructure, using fiber to the home (FTTH) instead of expensive leased lines.

And because both the ETERNUS8000 and ETERNUS4000 support remote copy, customers have greater flexibility in configuring their systems.

4. Capacity on Demand provides the flexibility to respond to changing needs

The ETERNUS8000 newly supports LUN Expansion, which allows for volume sizes to be changed dynamically expanded along with increases in operational loads while the system is running. Every part of the system, including the controllers and disk enclosures, can be upgraded live, without interfering with business operations, to allow for increased capacity on demand (COD).

ETERNUS4000 Mid-range Disk Array

1. Rich features for mission-critical systems

To support mission-critical operations in open systems environments, two models in the ETERNUS4000 line, the Model 500 and Model 300, also support all the key features found in the ETERNUS8000 Enterprise Disk Array.

- Asynchronous data transfer(5) enables remote copy to locations over 100 km away

- Enables construction of cost-effective disaster recovery systems

- 128 bit AES data encryption helps prevent information leaks

2. Enhanced hardware

The top model of the ETERNUS4000 series, the Model 500, comes equipped with two 2 GHz high-speed dual-core processors, and can accommodate up to 32 GB in cache memory, giving it approximately 1.5 times the I/O processing performance of ETERNUS3000 Model 700. It also has 16 interface paths to servers, two times as many as previous models, enabling large-scale storage integration. Both the server interface and drive interface employ the high-speed 4 Gbps Fibre Channel, enabling superior performance.

Enhanced Storage Software

To go along with the debut of the ETERNUS8000 and ETERNUS4000, Fujitsu has enhanced its storage software product lineup for more efficient storage system management. The ETERNUS8000 and ETERNUS4000 include new features such as QuickOPC, SnapOPC, and iSCSI remote copy for simple, efficient operations and management. At the same time, the software is being rebranded as ETERNUS SF (previously SOFTEK). By strengthening the link between its storage hardware and software, Fujitsu will be able to deliver further reduction in TCO and more efficient storage utilization.

- High-speed backup & replication management software [ETERNUS SF AdvanceCopy Manager]

Enables simple and efficient operation and management of QuickOPC, SnapOPC, remote copy function using iSCSI, and other new features offered with ETERNUS8000 and ETERNUS4000 systems. In addition, it performs integrated backup and recovery, including tape backup.

- Integrated management software for storage environments [ETERNUS SF Storage Cruiser]

Provides integrated management of SAN environments comprising ETERNUS8000 or ETERNUS4000 systems and other vendors’storage equipment. Versatile management features for configuration, correlation, troubleshooting and performance enable unified management of storage resources.

- System environment-independent replication software [ETERNUS SF Replicator]

Enables secure data migration in parallel with business operations, without requiring specialized hardware. Operates regardless of type of equipment or vendor. Enables simple and easy migration to ETERNUS8000 and ETERNUS4000 systems. In addition, Fujitsu provides storage migration services, from feasibility studies through actual implementation, via specialized teams using ETERNUS SF Replicator.

Fully Equipped Solution Models for Easier Deployment

1. ETERNUS8000 SP/ETERNUS4000 SP storage systems with autonomous backup

Fujitsu is also introducing the ETERNUS8000 SP and ETERNUS4000 SP(6) as all-in-one storage systems that include disk arrays, tape libraries, and storage servers with an autonomous backup function. Not only can these models autonomously run a backup from disk to tape, they will be delivered fully configured, with all internal cables connected, for easier deployment.

2. ETERNUS4000 Archive Storage with ILM support

Information lifecycle management, or ILM(7) is a method for automatically selecting storage locations based on the value of the data. The ETERNUS4000 Archive Storage model(6) is available with ILM support.

The ETERNUS4000 Archive Storage model keeps frequently accessed data stored on its disk array, and automatically transfers infrequently used data to a tape library. To prevent the data from being altered, it includes a WORM function,(8) as part of ILM support.

Sales Target

14,000 systems worldwide over the next two years.

For more information, please see the ETERNUS website:

  • [1] Comparison with ETERNUS6000 Model 1100

    Based on the SPC Benchmark 1™ performance measurement (defined by the Storage Performance Council), this product has the world’s highest performance.

  • [2] Advanced Encryption Standard

    AES was certified by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology in 2000 as a standard for encryption.

  • [3] RAID group

    The group of multiple data drives and parity drives that constitute a RAID.

  • [4] IP Security Protocol

    A protocol for encrypted communications recognized by the Internet Engineering Task Force, the standards-setting body for the Internet.

  • [5] Asynchronous data transfer

    A method for asynchronously updating mirror data at a second location based on changes in the source data. This avoids the effects of transmission delays over wide-area networks when transmitting data over long distances.

  • [6] ETERNUS8000 SP, ETERNUS4000 SP, and ETERNUS4000 Archive Storage

    ETERNUS8000 SP, ETERNUS4000 SP, and ETERNUS4000 Archive Storage are currently available on a limited basis in Japan.

  • [7] Information lifecycle management

    ILM is a method for managing the storage of data in a way that suits its changing value over time, according to the data lifecycle of creation > use > reference > storage > disposal.

  • [8] WORM (Write Once, Read Many)

    Structured so that data that are input once cannot be edited or erased.

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