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Data Center Connectivity

Data Center Connectivity

Solving the Challenges of Data Center Connectivity

Data centers provide the computing and storage infrastructure that supports critical business processes and IT operations. Disruption-free service is essential, and it requires a communications network that provides the highest levels of reliability, performance, and security.

Fujitsu provides custom solutions for data center connectivity challenges. We combine design, planning, deployment, and maintenance services with best-in-class networking equipment, addressing the needs and challenges of unique situations.

With Fujitsu solutions, you can achieve capital and operating cost savings through network consolidation and simplified management of a single, carrier-class packet optical networking platform. These solutions also support a diverse set of storage area networking (SAN) and wide area networking (WAN) technologies to more easily scale your bandwidth.

Metro Data Center Interconnectivity (mDCI) Solution

While the demand for faster point-to-point connections increases to 100G and beyond, service providers are requesting equipment for metro DCI that has a much narrower use case and a much simpler feature set than equipment telco providers request. Plainly stated, metro DCI equipment is optimized for low cost.

As a result, vendors are developing new DCI options with cost, space, and power attributes that resemble those of data communications equipment more than those of telecom equipment.

The revolutionary Fujitsu 1FINITY™ platform delivers high-capacity point-to-point functionality in a metro DCI solution that’s purpose-built for data center operators. This blade-centric solution comprises high-density transport and FOADM network elements.

The 1FINITY T100 transport blade is the key to providing dense, efficient transponding of 100 GbE connections onto a DWDM system. With this solution, two 100 GbE connections are aggregated onto a single 200 Gbps, 50 GHz wavelength. The T100 provides industry-leading density in a modular platform that is easily managed with an SDN network controller.

Data Center Connectivity - Diagram B

SAN Data Center Interconnectivity

The latency-sensitive applications of enterprise networks make business continuity and reliable interconnectivity paramount between primary and secondary data centers or storage area networks. Fujitsu ultralow-latency solutions provide guaranteed optical network connections using WDM, ensuring uninterrupted access to your data even during network failure or disaster recovery.

The FLASHWAVE® 7420 Metro/Enterprise WDM Platform provides the high performance required for synchronous SAN applications, such as business continuity, disaster recovery, moving VMs, HPC clustering, high-volume transaction processing, and video transport. The platform supports all existing and emerging protocols and the data rates SANs require, including Ethernet, InfiniBand, Fibre Channel, Enterprise Systems Connection (ESCON), and Fiber Connection (FICON). You’ll enjoy the fastest possible connectivity across your WAN plus these additional benefits:

  • End-to-end low latency
  • Zero packet loss
  • Ultrahigh bandwidth up to 3.2 Tbps
  • Flexible, multiprotocol SAN support across the WAN

Business Location–to–Data Center WAN Connectivity

Enterprises with multiple locations want an easy, cost-effective way to connect their expanding WAN and data centers without protocol conversion to store, retrieve, and present data. They need low-latency, high-bandwidth packet-based network connections to provide quick recovery of archived data and real-time access to medical images, large video files, and similar information.

Fujitsu network solutions enable a seamless migration to a packet-based infrastructure that is highly reliable, manageable, and scalable and accommodates diverse, bandwidth-intensive services. The FLASHWAVE 9500 Packet Optical Networking Platform delivers high-performance packet optical and DWDM services using a flexible, modular chassis. It can aggregate and switch Carrier Ethernet across many types of access networks (EoX) on a single network element. This EoX gateway configuration allows you to consolidate diverse WAN equipment onto a single, unified packet optical networking platform that reduces power consumption, space requirements, network complexity, and operating expenses. Overall, Fujitsu solutions offer these valuable business benefits and technical advantages:

  • Low latency and zero packet loss
  • Guaranteed bandwidth while supporting frequent traffic bursts
  • EoX gateway (Ethernet over any transport) delivering Ethernet WAN/services over any transport network
  • High-density aggregation
  • 100G available for high-bandwidth data center transport applications
  • A single management system, the NETSMART 1500®, that simplifies networkwide operations
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