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Private cloud services

Cloud computing is already driving new levels of flexibility and cost saving for organizations of all sizes across all industry sectors. If you are looking to adopt cloud, you will find yourself presented with an array of potential solutions from IT providers large and small. To achieve the true benefits of cloud, you need to draw all the options together to create a complete picture. Fujitsu is already helping organizations deliver these benefits, through the most complete range of cloud-based services.

A scenario if you choose Fujitsu Cloud services:

  • Your companies are operated by group of 1000 servers that requires plenty of work. The operation cost is very high. We will consolidate (halved) current group of about 1,000 servers into a virtual infrastructure, achieving cost reductions through virtualization and standardization; thus reduccing high operating load due to large number of servers.
  • Your system responses cannot keep up with the pace of business. Chose a private cloud to provide infrastructure resources which can enable your group companies to start businesses quickly and cheaply.
  • It takes a lot of time to build up your system. The period needed to create a new system has shortened from four months previously to just five days now.


  • We are applying Fujitsu's latest cloud technology to deliver flexible, highly reliable systems
  • We are providing resources in response to your requests.

With Fujitsu Private Cloud, you will enjoy:

  • Lowest infrastructure costs
  • Lowest operational burden
  • Stable operation
  • Pay as you go
  • Security
  • You can keep the worlds being green