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Fujitsu Infrastructure as a Service

Infrastructure as a Service

All the server and storage capacity you need, when you need it, and no worries

Customers save up to 20-40% of the cost of owning IT infrastructure and deploy applications in hours on Fujitsu’s shared Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS).

Organisations host applications and data on Fujitsu’s business-class server and data storage pools for the time required, paying only for the capacity needed, with no lock-in. They have the confidence that their data and systems are secure, whilst achieving the level of resilience and performance required by business.

Knowing that the infrastructure is safe for business, customers use IaaS as a seamless extension to their IT estate, alongside dedicated owned resources. Using IaaS as a flexible infrastructure to reduce costs, they deploy applications in hours and avoid capital expenditure on servers, storage and data centre premises.

CFOs welcome the no-CAPEX and lower OPEX advantages of IaaS – especially as fixed costs are converted into fully flexible costs that track business demand.

CIOs welcome the peace of mind that Fujitsu’s IaaS provides proven IT infrastructure pools, installed in secure data centres, with the resilience and performance levels required for business systems hosting. They’re secure in the knowledge that their data is processed and stored only in agreed Fujitsu data centres in the original country - maintaining data privacy and legal jurisdiction for their business information.

Fujitsu IaaS is a cost effective alternative to IT ownership enabling a 20-40% saving by using pooled resources and through its flexibility to meet changing business demand.

Fujitsu IaaS - an efficient and flexible IT infrastructure for business today

  • Need IT infrastructure to meet a short-term requirement? And don’t want to carry the cost of IT at the end of the project? 
  • Need to deploy applications or a website fast? In hours? 
  • Unsure about how much capacity will be required for future business demands? Don’t want to run the risk of over- or under-provisioning? 
  • Want a smarter, more cost-effective approach to disaster recovery?

Fujitsu customers use IaaS as a more efficient IT infrastructure for business problems today

IaaS provides a flexible, dependable, virtual infrastructure service. Customers pay for the server capacity or storage capacity they need – for however long they need it. New capacity can be added in hours, not weeks. No management burden. Just complete peace of mind from a proven enterprise cloud service.

Complete with expert advice and implementation project assistance, Fujitsu’s specialists make it easy to decide where to deploy IaaS to realise its benefits.

What’s different about Fujitsu IaaS?

  • Data residency: data is stored and processed in country at agreed data centre locations 
  • Business-class security: from commercial security to the highest security classifications 
  • Business-class resilience: choice of service levels for each computing requirement 
  • Business-class performance: providing IT response times that business users require 
  • Trusted community cloud: no sharing with inappropriate organisations or private individuals 
  • IT advice and assistance: IT experts to help at each stage, from cloud selection to operation

The benefits customers are realising today:

  • Operating cost savings of up to 40% - with no capital outlay required 
  • No data centre space required - contain expansion, close old inefficient premises 
  • Increase & decrease resources - in line with changing business demand
  • Minimise spare capacity and eliminate the risk of too much or too little IT infrastructure 
  • Fast infrastructure deployments for new business application hosting in hours - not weeks 
  • Reduce energy costs and reduce carbon footprint