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ETERNUS CS8000 Data Protection Appliance - No more Storage Adventures : Fujitsu UK

Data protection that measures up

ETERNUS CS8000 Data Protection Appliance

With ETERNUS CS, Fujitsu provides a single data protection platform.

Unlike other data protection appliances, the Fujitsu ETERNUS CS8000 does more than just provide backup, recovery or archive functionality. It virtualises target systems, and creates one logical data protection platform as the only target system for the whole environment. In doing so it:

  • supports a wide range of hardware systems, platforms and applications
  • manages high volumes of data created by consolidating systems
  • provides increased flexibility
  • provides higher service levels
  • reduces costs

Enterprise level data protection

The basis of our data protection solution is a modular grid architecture. Independent building blocks provide a scale-out platform. The main parts are: Front-end processor nodes, back-end processor nodes, internal disk cache systems and gateway appliances. The result is a made-to-measure solution with greater flexibility and scalability. 
How it works: Data from the application is sent to the CS8000 and received by the front-end processor node. It is then stored in the internal cache storage. The data can then be further copied to a tape library and/or Cloud target (S3) via the back-end processing nodes.

Single data protection platform for all your systems

The CS8000 connects to all platforms, including Mainframes, Midrange iSeries & AS400 systems, UNIX, Windows, along with all virtual and physical environments. This offers greater value as it allows all of your environments to be deployed to the same backup and recovery infrastructure. 
Example: As workloads move from mainframe to midrange systems, the resources are still available within the CS8000 system. As resources can be shared between Mainframe and Midrange systems, it means there is no disruption in backup and recovery due to application moves.

Backup and archive in one single target

As an option, the CS8000 provides standard NAS interfaces with NFS and CIFS protocols for archiving and second-tier file storage purposes. It supports billions of files, and can serve as an archive target as well as a second-tier storage target to relieve your production storage systems. 

The benefits:

  • reduces infrastructure costs
  • frees up resources in the production environment
  • frees up resources on your backup infrastructure
  • simplifies the entire backup and recovery process

How it works: The internal CS8000 disk cache acts as the target for your data. Optionally, the direct integration with tape, enhances the appliance for Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM) to automatically save data on disk and tape. This is done according to defined migration policies, availability levels and if required – write-protected retention periods (WORM).

Flexible SLA

To provide flexible SLAs, the CS8000 combines the strengths of disk, deduplication and tape technology with rule-based management. There is the option of deciding when to use disks, deduplication disk, tape or even a mix of both, in order to keep the performance in balance with the media cost. The other part of providing flexible SLAs is about the availability level of data, which can be aligned with its impact on the business. 

Unlike traditional setups, the CS8000 removes the need to create additional data copies of backup images to ensure the availability of business-critical data. Copies no longer need to be managed on a backup software level, which reduces overheads and administration time. Flexible SLA means cost savings can be made by removing overprovisioning. 

How it works: The CS8000 manages different levels of data availability automatically. It does this by mirroring data between two sites, replicated over very long distances and saved as multiple copies. Backup software is no longer involved in the data management process, and the backup network is not burdened with the workload. With the CS8000:

  • functions are user defined
  • functions are policy based
  • human error is eliminated
  • zero management effort is required after setup
  • different service levels for different applications are supported
  • lowest possible cost per service is offered

Automatic media management and data assurance availability

As well as taking care of data on cartridges in order to magnetically refresh the media, the CS8000 also takes care of available cartridge capacity. Data on sparsely filled cartridges is copied onto new cartridges which are written in a compact way. 

The time spent and the amount of data processed by such a reorganisation, is determined automatically and is based upon threshold values specified by the administrator. During this process cartridges that are likely to become defective are detected and discarded. 

With the procedure - Tape Reorganisation and Tape Refresh - the Logical Volume (LV) saved on the Physical Volume (PV), is automatically copied onto another PV of the same physical volume group (PVG). This is done for the following reasons:

  • automatic reclamation eliminates unused space from deleted volumes
  • effective use of the physical tape
  • prevention of physical and chemical aging processes
  • detection of faulty or inaccessible tape cartridges
  • technology migration - changing from one tape technology to another


The CS8000 is the fastest performing data protection appliance on the market. It can scale up to 150TB/hr for both backup and recovery operations. 
Multiple VTL’s can be allocated to an LPAR. As applications are writing to VTL’s (disk), bottlenecks and backup window issues are eliminated.
For more information, call Fujitsu on 0843 354 7998.
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