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ETERNUS CS8000 Management and Integration

Fujitsu deployed data management solutions

ETERNUS CS8000 virtualisation from Fujitsu provides dynamic ways to access, manage and share backup and archive resources. With storage virtualisation, hosts and host-based software applications gain a view of storage that is independent of physical storage devices. This allows you to easily take advantage of our new CS8000 technology, and benefit from price and performance advances without costly changes. 

The CS8000 LMS deployed solution consolidates storage systems to reduce costs, whilst at the same time providing high levels of connectivity, efficiency, reliability and ease of management. It offers a flexible client/server architecture that:

  • supports legacy technologies to protect capital investments in libraries, drives and software
  • supports heterogeneous system environments including zSeries Mainframes running z/VSE, z/VM, z/OS and IBM i Systems (AS/400)
  • interoperates with major operating systems, backup/recovery software and HSM applications
  • increases operational efficiency
  • enhances system reliability

User friendly administration

The administration of the CS8000 and LMS appliance can be accessed, locally or remotely, through a web-based interface. 
The appliance’s intelligent desktop offers an intuitive graphical user interface, which simplifies the whole appliance configuration and management. The GUI allows you to review the activity on the appliance (i.e. the connected clients and the active commands) along with monitoring different resources (memory, cpu, disks, bandwidth).

Advanced logging and tracing facilities

The appliance has advanced logging and tracing facilities to easily diagnose wrong behaviors or errors. Logs and traces are in easy to read text format. Email (SMTP) and/or SNMP alerting is also configurable. When an event, warning or error occurs, it sends a real-time alert to the SNMP management stations or sends an email to the list of defined recipients.

Seamless integration

The CS8000 – LMS solution is completely transparent for the IBM i Systems, as all backups and restore jobs are still managed by the Tape Management Software BRMS. None of the current customer control groups need to be modified in any way.

The solution can make a Full System Backup (option 21) and restore the full system directly from the ETERNUS CS8000 (Alternate Installation Device).

The LMS solution is involved in the command path only, it performs automated virtual mounts of volumes in drives/unmounts of volumes from drives upon request.

The LMS solution is not involved in the Data Path. The data path consists of a physical connection between the host adapter (IBM i FC HBA) and the virtual drives of the CS8000. This avoids any degradation of the performance of the CS8000. Features include:

  • non disruptive integration in a BRMS
  • no changes required to existing backup procedures
  • media classes and media policy support
  • alternate IPL available
  • API and control language command interface
  • restricted state backup/restore support

Centralised management features:

  • unique management of all system storage resources
  • fully automated and policy driven
  • ability to utilise our dedupe pools, and/or Cloud services
  • tape handlings with VTL are eliminated
  • tape management systems including IBM BRMS/400 are supported
  • backup tools and methods (SAVLIB, GO SAVE and IPL) are supported
  • automatic off-site vaulting through replication
  • an application program interface and control language command interface allows the easy integration of software vendor applications
  • the mounting of scratch volumes for standard OS/400 tape commands (RSTxxx / SAVxxx) are automated
For more information, call Fujitsu on 0843 354 7998.
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