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Data protection that measures up

Data Protection Solutions

Fujitsu backup & recovery solutions for IBM iSeries

For more than 50 years Fujitsu has been designing and implementing world-class enterprise level backup and recovery solutions. 

During the 5 decades we have been working to protect our customers’ data, we have developed an in-depth understanding of the complexities of backup and restore requirements within heterogeneous data centres. 

Our experience has shown us that because many platforms require their own backup utilities and applications, management overhead and costs are high, storage devices are all too often under-utilised, inefficient and costly and risk levels are increased. 

For this reason, we design cost effective backup & recovery solutions that can be easily implemented and are transparent to your systems. Our solutions answer the data protection challenges faced in the IBM i / AS400, z/OS, and VM-VSE systems world.

  • We enable you to retain all of your original BRMS Control Groups.
  • We provide support for in-house developed backup/restore applications, along with manual procedures and integrate & automate this activity onto our protection technology.
  • We enable you to easily migrate and integrate your data with innovative new data protection technology.

ETERNUS CS data protection platform

The ETERNUS CS platform was first designed in 1997 to guarantee the availability of critical services delivered by IT. Our solution is agnostic, and platform benefits include:
  • Easy integration with all leading Mainframe, iSeries, and OPEN system software applications.
  • Significantly lower cost than traditional methods.
  • Rapid implementation.
  • No risk to services.

Improving Service Levels with ETERNUS CS

The ETERNUS CS8000 enables a significant improvement in service levels. Features include:

Performance - at up to 150TB/hr for both backup and recovery, the ETERNUS CS is by far the fastest product on the market.

Stretch Cluster – the ability to stretch the cluster up to 100KM apart, means continuous service even in the event of a total datacentre failure.

Asynchronous Replication - standard IP based asynchronous over any distance, and if required cascading to other global locations can be easily achieved. 

Automated policy driven staging - automated policies allow you to keep current data on fast disk cache (up to 22PB) for a defined period of time for speedy recovery. Data can be automatically moved to disk based de-dup pools, tape, or cloud, through HSM based policies for: greater cost reductions, a smaller footprint and reduced power and cooling.

Why choose Fujitsu data backup solutions?

  • Our data protection solutions support organisations across all verticals and geographic locations.
  • We have 150,000 support personnel in over 70 countries speaking more than 40 languages.
  • Our implementations cover the whole technology spectrum from mainframe to modern cloud implementations.

We understand that the protection of intellectual property is critical to business success, which is why we provide solutions that can be easily and rapidly deployed to secure data, both remotely and within the datacentre. 

At Fujitsu our goal is to deliver unrivalled experiences by providing innovative solutions and engaging services. We continuously invest in the development of new products and ground-breaking technology, which is capable of exceeding customer expectation and delivering long-term stakeholder value.

For more information, call Fujitsu on 0843 354 7998.
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Measuring the cost of data protection

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Data protection that measures up

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