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Data protection that measures up


Ultimate data protection, backup and archiving

Data Protection is insurance. It’s mandatory. Are you getting the best value out of it?

Business expectations have grown; recovery time demands have increased, budgets have shrunk. Disk based backup has provided the speed and power required but at a significant cost. Deduplication has delivered some answers to the cost question, but brings complexity.

What is really needed is a Data Protection solution that can focus on the critical data, understand and migrate the less urgent but still important information and use all available storage mediums from Disk, Deduplication, Tape & WORM to get best possible cost without impacting SLAs or increasing risk. One that understands new data from archive data and provides a home for both. You need a Data Protection solution that will automatically manage the data lifecycle and your expenditure so that you can reduce your costs of protection by around 40%.

You can either invest in more copies to reduce risk or divert those operational funds to other projects.

So if reducing your Data Protection costs by 40% whilst improving SLAs and investing in other IT areas is of interest you need to see how ETERNUS CS measures up.

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See the data protection and backup solutions
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Measuring the cost of data protection

Find out more about our ultimate data protection, backup and archiving solution

Increase efficiency and storage performance

See how Delhaize consolidated to reduce cost and increase performance with ETERNUS CS. (PDF 1.41MB)

Simple, secure backup

See how Canton du Valais uses ETERNUS CS to introduce automate backup management. (PDF 1.34 MB)

Data protection that measures up

Download our Data Protection infographic

Fast and secure access to backup data

See how Deutsche Rentenversicherung keeps sensitive data highly secure with ETERNUS CS

Hugely flexible data protection

See how ETERNUS CS gives Helsana ultimate flexibility to secure their information.

Simple to grow and energy efficient

See how Sparda uses ETERNUS CS to increase backup capacity without impacting their energy costs.



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