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Fujitsu’s New Cat5 Extender Enables Remote KVM Switch Access Up to 200m over Cable

Supports High-Quality Video and Audio Transmission

Fujitsu Components Asia Pte Ltd

Singapore, October 11, 2004
Cat5 Extender

Fujitsu Components Asia, Limited today announced the release of its Servis™ Cat5 Extender system that allows a host system’s KVM switch to be operated by a remote console with audio support at distances up to 200m away using a Category 5 UTP cable. The modular system provides any size data center with the bandwidth needed to transmit high-quality video and audio over extended distances while simplifying cable management, reducing equipment costs, and allowing system expansion.

Fujitsu’s new Cat5 Extender consists of Local and Remote units that can be connected at intervals up to 200m (depending on display resolution) via a Cat5 UTP cable. The system can be expanded to control multiple servers/PCs by connecting a combination of Fujitsu KVM switches to the Cat Extender.

The Cat5 Extender supports audio bandwidth up to 20KHz. A 16-bit digital audio converter provides CD-quality sound transmission using a 44.1KHz sampling rate. The system also features an integrated RGB color quality adjustment circuit to support XGA, SXGA and UXGA monitors.

The Local unit supports multiple server platforms and operating systems through PS/2, USB, Sun-USB, Sun I/O, analog RGB and audio line port interfaces. For console connections, each unit provides PS/2 and Sun I/O keyboard and mouse interfaces, RGB video and audio connections.

Available immediately, Fujitsu’s Servis Cat5 Extender (NC14004-B713) has a suggested resale price of $998.00. Discounts are available for OEM quantity purchases.

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Date: 11 October, 2004
City: Singapore
Company: Fujitsu Components Asia Pte Ltd