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Fujitsu Backs Longhorn Server

Fujitsu has pledged to be an early backer of Microsoft’s upcoming server operating system as part of a new global deal between the two companies.

Under the pact, the Japanese computer maker will use Microsoft’s Windows Server 2003 in its new line of Intel Itanium-based servers, which are due to be released next year.

The deal, struck between Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and Fujitsu chairman Naoyuki Akikusa in Tokyo, also calls for Fujitsu to adopt Longhorn Server, Microsoft’s next major server OS, when it debuts in 2007.

Beyond the OS bundle, the two firms said in a statement they will establish a joint engineering support team at Microsoft’s corporate headquarters in Redmond, Wash.

In addition, Fujitsu and Microsoft will cooperate on software development to ensure better interoperability between both companies’ products, they added.

The firms said they hope to garner worldwide sales of 800 billion yen (US$7.2 billion) in hardware, software and related IT services as a result of their collaboration.

Reproduced courtesy of CNETAsia Week