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Digitalize with confidence

The disruption to business from new digital technologies is a massive opportunity for organizations. But to make the most of it and transform your business digitally, you need to optimize your investments in new digital solutions, modernize your existing systems and adapt your service management to reflect the increasing use of cloud services.
This applies whether you are in the private sector, with a focus on growth and competitive advantage, or the public sector, driven more by an ‘austerity agenda’ and a ‘digital first’ strategy.

Successful digital transformation

For effective digitalization you need to embrace two-speed IT:

  • Fast IT, delivering new, cloud based digital solutions to address the need for change
  • Robust IT, modernizing your existing core business systems for agility and reduced costs
  • Integration, bringing your new Fast and Robust IT initiatives together to unlock the value the of your existing data and investments.
This will result in a new Hybrid IT landscape, with a mix of cloud services, alongside on premise and traditional IT. This means:
  • New risks to be managed, since data is now held in systems outside the data center, accessed from outside the office, and vulnerable to new threats
  • Greater operational complexity, with more suppliers to manage, data distributed across multiple locations and suppliers, and the need for control over access to systems.
Digitalization is much more than just adopting a new cloud-based digital solution. To achieve sustainable success our research shows you will need:
  • Access to the right digital and cloud solutions – from Fujitsu and our partners
  • The ability to orchestrate, integrate and manage Hybrid IT – so you have visibility of what services are being used, oversight on security and full control of costs.

MetaArc is the answer

FUJITSU MetaArc is at the heart of our strategy for helping you digitalize with confidence.
Businesses can more easily find the right balance of Fast IT and Robust IT with MetaArc. It comprises a comprehensive set of solutions, services, cutting edge technologies, and engages our ecosystem of partners, so we can support your digitalization and modernization projects wherever you operate.

Find the right balance with FUJITSU MetaArc

Businesses can more easily find the right balance of Fast IT and Robust IT with MetaArc. It comprises a comprehensive portfolio which comprises cutting edge technologies, infrastructure and managed services to help you make your digital transformation a reality. MetaArc helps you to deliver new services at speed and optimize existing system with seamless integration of Fast IT and Robust IT.
Multi Coud Integration, Managed Services
MetaArc Digital Solutions – making it faster and easier for our clients to deliver new digital initiatives and leverage the value locked in existing IT investments.
MetaArc Cloud Solutions – delivering choice to our clients based on the most open, compatible and agile cloud platform in the market today.
MetaArc Services – simplifying the adoption, deployment and integration of Fujitsu and partner digital and cloud solutions alongside existing IT systems.
MetaArc enables you to:
  • Transform your business digitally – deliver new initiatives more rapidly for competitive advantage
  • Drive operational efficiencies – modernize and transform your existing IT
  • Maximize the returns on your existing investments – extend the life and value of your core systems
  • Reduce complexity and improve management – comprehensive approach to delivering secure and compliant IT.
MetaArc also reduces the complexity and risks of managing cloud and on premise IT together by providing the tools to integrate, orchestrate and manage your Hybrid IT services. That means fewer cloud adoption governance concerns over security, visibility and cost management.

Discover how MetaArc could enable your business:

Digital Transformation

If you’re going to stay competitive, you need to think digital. We can help you digitize with confidence. Find out how we can integrate back office systems with innovative customer-centric experiences at the front end.

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Internet of Things

Unlock the power of IoT with our solutions – everything from enterprise wearable devices to standardized business solutions for customer verticals. Find out what your business could achieve with our proven IoT solutions.

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Big Data Analytics

Make faster and better decisions, create new business opportunities and stand out from the competition. Big Data offers these benefits across regions and industries. We’ll work with you to define your goals for Big Data, establish a roadmap and realize your ambitions.

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Hybrid IT

Learn how you can manage hybrid IT effectively. We’ll give you the governance models, tools and integration services to ensure that hybrid IT delivers the best of both worlds – the agility and innovation of the cloud with the governance, control and risk management of traditional IT.

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