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End User Services Success Stories

Our solutions are transforming the operations of business around the world

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Here are just three examples from across different industries:

A leading airline

For this leading airline in Asia-Pacific, we deployed iPads to pilots and cabin crew, replacing the need for paper-based flight plans and manuals. Fujitsu ensures seamless access to enterprise data and apps, along with a fully managed service that takes care of 5,500 devices, including support for Bring Your Own Device.

A large government organization

We delivered the first large-scale fully virtualized desktop shared service in the UK government, supporting over 30,000 users.

A leading retail bank

We helped this leading retail bank transform the way its workforce operates by virtualizing service delivery for over 50,000 users – enabling home working and hot-desking for building consolidation and increased staff productivity.

Customer voices

Michael Schramm, IT Systems & Security Manager, SHARP Electronics (Europe) GmbH

Thanks to Fujitsu End User Services, we have a practically all-round carefree package and were able to reduce our software portfolio from 7,000 to 200 applications. We can roll out programs developed in-house on the devices of all 2,000 end users within a very short period of time. Users are really pleased with the straightforward, standardized processes within the Service Desk. Employees have lobbied passionately to be involved in the Managed Mobile program. Within three months, 1,000 users had already been included. All in all, the process ran very quickly. Fujitsu helped us immensely.

We need processes to be standard, but they cannot be set in stone. With Fujitsu we noticed early in the tendering phase that we were on the same page. There was a high degree of synchronization between us.

Xavier Milà, Head of Procurement, Centre de Telecomunicacions i Tecnologíes de la Informació

Our goal was to ensure the intelligent procurement of ITC, moving away from being anchored in technology towards the procurement of services that are continuously up-to-date and thus promoting the modernization of the Government. Fujitsu has shown itself to be highly proactive and flexible. It has contributed ideas and solutions that have made a significant contribution to the success of the model we are implementing. The virtualization provided by Fujitsu facilitates the centralized and coordinated management of ITC across the organization, making it possible to develop a management model that serves the Government as a whole.

The Catalan government has embarked upon the first transformation project based on public-private cooperation in the Spanish public sector. Together with Fujitsu we are learning to manage technology in a different way, bringing improvements in efficiency and reductions in costs. Fujitsu is not just a supplier; it has become one of our technology partners. From the outset it has sought to achieve the excellence of a full service.