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Managed Mobile Components

Fujitsu gives you full control over your diverse and geographically dispersed mobile infrastructure, standardizing and easing the management of all the most popular device platforms. 

Managed Mobile is made up of the following components (click each component for further details):


Consulting/Professional Services

Although the business benefits of mobile are well documented, many organizations are seeking to understand exactly how these benefits can be realized in practical terms. Simply responding reactively to mobility opportunities on a case-by-case basis is commonplace and the full potential benefit has not been realized. It’s time for organizations to look at the bigger picture and think about their long-term strategy for mobile – the starting-point being the business outcome, not the specific ‘device of the moment.’

Fujitsu helps to assess the existing infrastructure, provides advice about the applications and processes which should be mobilized and handles the transition to integrate Managed Mobile with the enterprise’s Active Directory and IT environment.

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Mobile Device Management (MDM)

MDM takes care of role-based management, configuration and security for corporate and user-owned devices. Users can easily enroll and receive pre-configured packages of policies, configurations and apps over the air. IT can detect devices that are non-compliant and block email access and do a full or selective wipe for these devices and for devices that are lost or stolen.

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Mobile app management

Citrix MDX technologies centralize IT management, security and control for any mobile app, whether they have been created by a third party or internally. With MDX, corporate apps and data reside in a container, separated from personal apps and data, thus enabling IT to set comprehensive policy-based controls, including mobile DLP and the ability to remote lock, wipe and encrypt apps and data.

Fujitsu can develop, customize and test mobile apps and add enterprise capabilities, such as data encryption, password authentication and help to secure and control communication between them. Citrix offers access to a bunch of already wrapped business applications available via the Citrix Worx App GalleryOpen a new window.

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Unified App Store

The Unified App Store provides a single place for users to access all their apps; it displays Windows, web, SaaS and mobile apps and data resources available to each user according to access policies, e.g. depending on the user role within the organization, the device type and status and on network conditions. Users can easily choose the apps they need, subscribe to individual resources by selecting them from the available list, and instantly have them available on their devices. Their selected apps follow them from one device to the other in order to ensure full productivity in any scenario.

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Secure Email and Intranet Access

Managed Mobile provides users with secure email, calendar and contacts as well as a secure browser for access to intranet and extranet sites, and data access from anywhere. Email, web content and user data are secured in a sandboxed container which ensures corporate data is encrypted and always under IT control.

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Enterprise File Share & Sync (EFSS)

EFSS provides document-sharing features that enable users to securely store, sync and share documents with other users and across various devices. Enterprise directory integration enables easy, enterprise-wide provisioning and deployment of user accounts. EFSS can generate links to include in emails for onetime document exchanges with users who do not have an EFSS account. Documents of up to 100 GB can be transferred and stored on premises, in the cloud or using a mixture of both.

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Identity management, single sign-on and access control

The solution leverages users’ identities from the enterprise directory to deploy and remove app and data access, as well as to set granular access controls based on the device and user scenario. The unified app store provides users with the single sign-on to all their approved apps and can easily request access to apps for which they are not currently authorized. Once approval is obtained, they are given immediate access.

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Telecom Expense Management (TEM)

Fujitsu provides TEM services via selected partner companies. It usually includes building an accurate real time inventory, validating all your telecom bills, controlling expenditure, optimizing the environment to save money, negotiating directly with vendors to obtain a better deal, and provide global business reporting.

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Service Management & Reports

A dedicated service manager takes care of the Managed Mobile Service provided to the customer. Regular meetings and reviews take place to discuss what is important to the customer’s business, to keep the customer up-to-date about new developments, and to suggest and implement measures proactively for improved performance.

The standard billing reports include information related to the number of devices, service components, user information, employee number, device information and cost centers. Authorized customer users can choose between 14 different reports that assist in understanding their mobile device asset base. The reports can easily be exported to PDF, EXCEL or Word and include e.g. groups, users and roles summary, device software report, hardware inventory, jail-broken or rooted devices, and inactive devices.

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Cloud based, SaaS and on-premise service provisioning and delivery

Managed Mobile is a fully cloud-based service delivered out of secure Fujitsu data centers and managed by Fujitsu experts. No pre-investment by the customer is required. 

Depending on their requirements customers can administer the solution themselves based on a SaaS model or even implement the solution on-premise, managed by themselves or by Fujitsu.

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Help Desks

Fujitsu provides 24/7 2nd level Help Desk support from our global delivery center in Lodz, Poland.

Mobile Workplace

Managed MobileFujitsu's Managed Mobile helps you manage the growing complexity of non-standard, geographically dispersed mobile infrastructures, while safeguarding your corporate data and protecting privacy.

Managed Mobile Lifecycle Management

Mobile device in useFujitsu gives you full control over your wide-ranging geographically dispersed mobile infrastructure; it standardizes and facilitates the management of all the main device platforms. See how Managed Mobile supports the full lifecycle of your mobile infrastructure.

Managed Mobile Use Cases

Mobile device in healthcare industryIn order to benefit from the mobile revolution, Fujitsu‘s Managed Mobile helps businesses to address issues such as: collaboration, enterprise applications, automation, consumerization, and connectivity. See how Managed Mobile can address mobilization challenges across various industries.

Managed Mobile Successes

Man and woman using mobile deviceFujitsu focuses on highest quality customer experience with a long-term perspective, giving customers the flexibility to create the best right mobile solution in order to meet their varying user requirements via agile standardization. Learn more about how customers have benefited from Managed Mobile.