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PRIMEQUEST 1800E2 Features


“Maximizing both cost-efficiency and uptime in your enterprise systems. Supports industry standard Operating Systems”
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High availability

  • Almost all the components redundant
  • The heart of server such as system board and system interconnect can also be redundant


  • Performance has leaped by around 40% compared with PRIMEQUEST 1800E
  • Affordable application performance as an enterprise server

Cost efficiency

  • PRIMEQUEST 1800E2 can reduce power consumption at any application workload
  • Efficient power supply by 80 PLUS GOLD(*1) certified highly efficient power supplies
  • Efficient cooling by multi-step Fan rotation speed control
  • PRIMEQUEST can slash Oracle license and support charge for enterprise database servers


  • Integrated ServerView suite that take care of server products at your datacenter for the entire life of server
  • A large pool of Windows/Linux OS expertise is useable for server administration


  • Hardware partitioning up to 4 partitions can protect mission critical applications from hardware or software failures in other application environments.
  • No vender lock in by standard virtualization products such as VMware and Windows Hyper-V

(*1) 80 PLUS is a program to promote the reduction of electronic devices' power consumption. It certifies products whose power supplies maintain over 80% energy efficiency at 20-100% load. Based on their efficiency performance, products are rated "80 PLUS BRONZE", "80 PLUS SILVER", or "80 PLUS GOLD".
For the detail, please see the 80 PLUS certified products list below.