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PRIMEQUEST builds a cost effective enterprise open server, based on technology principles proven over generations of mission critical system development, for today's Data Center environments.

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Best matched servers for customer demands such as business continuity, scalability, and cost efficiency are the PRIMEQUEST 2000 series due to focus on the needs of the growing enterprise businesses. Based on technologies Fujitsu has long refined over generations of highly reliable mainframe and UNIX servers, it provides Supercomputer high-performance, excellent service availability and the openness of servers.

Use of Intel® Xeon® processors, global standard Linux and/or Microsoft® Windows operating systems, and highly advanced Fujitsu reliability, stability and manageability technologies, make PRIMEQUEST a highly cost efficient enterprise platform. To meet customers demand exactly, Fujitsu provides three models of PRIMEQUEST 2000.

  • PRIMEQUEST 2800E3 with 8 sockets and 2400E3 with 4 sockets can eliminate downtime
  • PRIMEQUEST 2800B3 with 8 sockets can much reduce downtime with high level of performance per cost

Business Continuity

System downtime can be much reduced if you choose PRIMEQUEST 2000 series – because almost all the components are redundant and can be replaced online. Even firmware can be updated online so you can be almost freed from system interruption.
Best matches of demand for elimination of system interruptions are PRIMEQUEST 2800E3 and 2400E3 because these models allows replacement of the heart of system like System Boards and IO Unit online.


You can choose PRIMEQUEST 2000 models according to demands for scalability.

  • 8 sockets models PRIMEQUEST 2800E3 and 2800B2 can have max. 192 cores/384 threads and 24TB memory
  • 4 sockets model PRIMEQUEST 2400E3 can have max. 96 cores/192 threads and 15 TB memory

Cost Efficiency

PRIMEQUEST 2000 has excellence in cost-efficiency. Fujitsu has proved PRIMEQUEST 2000 have much lower datacenter costs such as power consumption and floor space than other vender’s enterprise servers.


ServerView Suite much simplify installation, operation, and administration of PRIMEQUEST.