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Why Fujitsu Cloud?

Enterprise-class Cloud services built on a strong foundation

As the world's third largest IT services provider and Japan’s number one ICT company, Fujitsu has the resources and experience needed to ensure the transition to cloud is both successful and predictable.

For over a decade, Fujitsu has been creating the building blocks for cloud computing, investing heavily in cloud-based development on a global scale. This investment goes from cloud data centers and cloud-based services for sensor-based computing, to cloud interoperability and cloud security. Fujitsu continues to invest and cloud underpins our vision of a Human Centric Intelligent Society.

Robust cloud portfolio

Fujitsu has the most complete end-to-end cloud portfolio in the marketplace — covering trusted public, private and hybrid cloud options — which we are constantly evolving. We also recognize that no one supply can meet all the needs of an organization for cloud services and these services will not operate in isolation.  We have the experience and resources to help our clients assess, deploy, manage and integrate cloud services from our portfolio alongside 3rd party cloud services.

Key to our approach is helping clients to:

  • Avoid vendor lock in by making it easy for the business to choose the right solution while simplifying manageability.
  • Speed up deployment and respond rapidly to business needs while maintaining enterprise level compliance and security.
  • Make cloud adoption simpler and safer with a toolset that works across Fujitsu and 3rd party cloud services, private cloud and on-premise systems.

This approach reflects a 30 plus year history in designing, deploying and managing both technology and solutions.  As a manufacturer ICT products and solutions and the fourth largest IT services company globally Fujitsu has extensive experience in systems and service integration, service management and delivering managed services.  It is these capabilities that make Fujitsu stand out from the crowd in developing and delivering cloud services.

Global reach with local presence

Clients want a choice of cloud services. There workloads will also demand a choice of service and location.  While some systems will happily sit on a public cloud service and meet internal and external compliance and regulatory requirements, others need to be delivered from a specific location or cloud service which offers greater flexibility in how the service is set up.  We have over 25 cloud Data Centers across the world, all designed to meet the high levels of security and reliability our clients have come to expect.

Reduced cost of managing Hybrid IT

While most of the market is talking about hybrid cloud our vision and offerings go much further and address the emerging issue of managing hybrid IT.  With the FUJITSU Cloud Integration Platform organizations can reduce the complexity of managing cloud and non-cloud systems easily and safely while reducing operational management costs by up to 70%.  An approach that not only protects existing investments in cloud services and on-premise systems but also means clients can manage their cloud services without fear of being locked-in to a single supplier.

Collaborative, outcome-focused approach

Fujitsu recognizes that organizations want to embrace cloud technologies and services at their own pace. So, we have developed a collaborative, four-step approach to help organizations practically and rapidly develop and navigate their own individual cloud adoption roadmap. This roadmap can include such areas as advice and assessment, to implementation and cloud managed services.

Cloud track record

Fujitsu has approximately 5,000 cloud customers and is rated as an enterprise grade, global supplier in the major analyst evaluations. Fujitsu has created some of the world’s largest and most advanced cloud environments for both commercial and government organizations. We also have extensive experience in deploying Software as a Service applications, giving clients the piece of mind that we know how to deliver results.

Extended partner ecosystem

Fujitsu recognizes that organizations need to draw on a wide range of expertise and technologies to meet sector-specific, country-specific and specialist requirements. That is why we put such a high emphasis on our strategic alliances.  We also partner closely with global and local independent software vendors, consultants and systems integrators, ensuring we are ready to help customers fulfil their cloud ambitions.

Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility

Fujitsu takes Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) seriously — addressing a variety of social issues and contributing to the creation of a human-centric, sustainable networked society. Our management teams focus on operational excellence through sound corporate governance and integrity, covering ethical, social and environmental aspects of the company. We have the industry’s most environmentally friendly data centers, servers and desktop solutions, and a low-carbon pedigree that you can ensure is being applied across all of our cloud offerings.