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  2. Strong support for the Office 365 cloud service

Strong support for the Office 365 cloud service

With the entire suite in the cloud, the applications are available to the customer any time any place and on any device.

Fujitsu is Finland’s most experienced and professional supplier of infrastructure services, having implemented user service solutions and email integration projects for hundreds of customers for decades.

In many cases, the cloud is an excellent way to provide services, but it does not eliminate the need for a service integrator. Fujitsu helps the customer in evaluating the readiness of their IT environment for cloud service, and whether the other technical and functional preconditions are up to the task. Otherwise there is the danger of ending up with isolated patches of cloud without the ease of use aspired by end-users and the manageability sought by IT management.

Among other things, the Office 365 suite contains the familiar Microsoft Office programs, Exchange email and Lync chat and video conferencing services. With a SharePoint extension the customer has access to collaborative tools and file management service. Moreover, SharePoint can be complemented by combining it with the Yammer social networking service.

Hybrid model combines cloud and traditional solution

Fujitsu Office365

Typically the roadmap towards Office 365 begins in a joint workshop between the customer and Fujitsu to establish the most effective alternative ways to proceed. A few-hour workshop produces a plan on a controlled deployment.

One single implementation model no longer solves the problems of all organizations. Therefore, alongside the public cloud are available the more traditional, dedicated services or shared implementation models. Different service integrations and deployment plans for voice services shape the needs and end results established in the workshop. One possible solution is a Fujitsu-implemented hybrid model where cloud and a traditional solution are combined. In all cases a clear-cut plan and roadmap considerably reduce the deployment related risks.

Post deployment, Office 365 is transferred to Fujitsu’s continued service maintenance, meaning that the customer is freed from worrying about the details of day-to-day IT functionality. License management is handled in a centralized manner and any potential problem situations are solved by the Service Desk. Federation, that is, interconnection of multiple domains facilitates communication with partners, for example. Thereby communication between different communities will also be facilitated, as people’s presence information can be shared using the Lync service, as needed.

If need be, Fujitsu’s service also covers license consultation, which may bring huge cost savings for the customer. When licenses are optimized per need, they will also be paid for based on purpose of use.

Smart Working model

An efficient deployment of Office 365 always transforms the organization’s working practices. A modern communication environment offers an abundance of new opportunities to utilize the social media and other knowledge work methods, for example.

Fujitsu’s new Smart Working is a service package for smarter working, which offers methods for time management, working practices and the utilization of different tools, for example. The core of the Smart Working model are its training contents which are produced in collaboration with Academy of Philosophy, a philosophy and education company, and the tangible manner in which change is embedded as part of the customer’s everyday life.