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Fujitsu Global Cloud Platform

Global Cloud Platform

Fujitsu’s Global Cloud Platform provides fully configured, on-demand IT infrastructure over the Internet. The public cloud platform is delivered via our global network of data centers — in Japan, Australia, United States of America, Singapore, United Kingdom and Ireland and Central Europe — to provide cost-effective yet reliable and secure access to infrastructure as a Service.

Using a drag-and-drop, self-service portal, you are able to design and deploy the virtual infrastructure required — in the quantity needed — with the server, storage and network services provisioned automatically to support business needs. Those needs range from a simple, publicly facing website to the deployment of a set of completely secure, three-tier enterprise applications.

With Fujitsu Global Cloud Platform, traditional IT capital expenditure is eliminated; payment for the service is on an hourly basis, with customers only billed for what they use, while supported 24x7 through a dedicated service desk (at no extra cost).

To safeguard your data, Fujitsu Backup as a Service (BaaS) offers a highly flexible, fast and efficient cloud-based backup and recovery service.

In addition, the service portal enables you to monitor status and trends, start and stop virtual machines, and operate backup/restore — all through a secure and protected environment, eliminating internet security issues.

Recognizing that vendor lock-in is a concern among cloud customers, Fujitsu Global Cloud Platform also ensures you have easy access and portability of data, both among partners and in and out of your Fujitsu cloud.

And to help you determine your individual needs, we provide a complete range of cloud consulting services, starting with assessment and advisory services to assist in defining which workloads to move and which type of cloud environment makes the most sense economical.

Fujitsu Global Cloud Platform combines the best of both worlds — the scalability and cost-benefits of a public cloud, with the security and robustness of trusted private data centers.

Your instant portal to the cloud

Register and explore the service at any of the following regional Global Cloud Platform portals: