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Fujitsu optimerar lagring och backup för hybrid IT med heltäckande applikationer för dataskydd

Stockholm, November 22, 2019

News facts:

- New approach to data protection – spanning on-premises, cloud and network edge – delivered by next-generation Fujitsu ETERNUS CS800 and ETERNUS CS8000 appliances

- ETERNUS CS provides deep data protection software integration and powerful internal features that take the load off application environments

- Latest generation of trusted data protection appliances bring new value to organizations as enablers of data sharing across edge, core and cloud

München, 22 november 2019 – Fujitsu har presenterat nästa generations säkra lagringslösningar i form av Fujitsu ETERNUS CS800 för större verksamheter och ETERNUS CS8000 för små och medelstora företag. Målet med de nya produkterna är att möjliggöra ett enda, sammanhållet och heltäckande lager av av dataskydd i hybrida IT-miljöer, med avancerade funktioner och tät mjukvaruintegration. 

De senaste åren har inneburit stora förändringar i hur verksamheter hanterar data och driftar applikationer – en rörelse från egna datacenter mot molnet. En blandad miljö är en del av vardagen, vilket innebär nya utmaningar, och kräver ett nytt tankesätt kring hur man lagrar verksamhetskritiska data på ett säkert sätt.

ETERNUS CS8000 är anpassad för större verksamheter medan ETERNUS CS800 täcker behoven för små och medelstora företag. Gemensamt för lösningarna är att de erbjuder en enhetlig platform för säker datahantering I alla faser – backup och återställning, arkivering, regelefterlevnad och kontinuitet.

Båda produkterna går att beställa från Fujitsu samt utvalda partners. Pris varierar beroende på land och konfiguration.

För mer information, läs nedanstående pressrelease.

Fujitsu Optimizes Storage for Hybrid IT With Smart Data Protection Appliances

News facts: 

- New approach to data protection – spanning on-premises, cloud and network edge – delivered by next-generation Fujitsu ETERNUS CS800 and ETERNUS CS8000 appliances

- ETERNUS CS provides deep data protection software integration and powerful internal features that take the load off application environments

- Latest generation of trusted data protection appliances bring new value to organizations as enablers of data sharing across edge, core and cloud

Fujitsu today announces the next generation of its highly-trusted Fujitsu Storage ETERNUS CS800 and ETERNUS CS8000 data protection appliances for backup, archiving and second-tier storage. Delivering exceptional storage efficiency, advanced data protection features and tight software integration, ETERNUS CS enables organizations to create one seamless, unified data protection storage layer across hybrid IT environments.

Compelling cost and convenience factors of cloud computing have driven a significant shift in how businesses run applications and manage data – which is now spread from the core data center to the cloud as well as across edge locations. Hybrid IT landscapes are a reality in many organizations, forcing a fundamental change in how they manage the critical topic of data storage. Today, this is no longer just about capacity, as the ability to create and access stored data has become a crucial business service.

In order to gain back control of the data from distributed sources, Fujitsu has updated its leading data protection appliances to meet these new storage needs. The latest models of the ETERNUS CS800 and ETERNUS CS8000 appliances provide a powerful consolidation platform for data management – spanning backup and recovery, archiving, compliance and business continuity. As a result, the new-generation ETERNUS CS appliances improve the availability, protection, sharing and interoperability of data for applications in hybrid environments.

Tight integration with leading data management software

Thanks to rich inbuilt features and tight integration with data management software from Veritas, Veeam and Commvault, Fujitsu ETERNUS CS appliances create a highly efficient, unified storage layer. This is guaranteed to boost the performance of any hybrid IT landscape, while also ensuring that storage costs are kept under control.

The combination of ETERNUS CS appliances with market-leading data protection software means Fujitsu customers can classify data, which is then automatically held on the correct media (SSD, disk, cloud or tape) in line with business and service level requirements. Data copies are handled automatically at a storage level, helping organizations take advantage of a full media mix of all storage formats. 

Fujitsu ETERNUS CS appliances also free up the data protection software for other strategic data management tasks, as they fulfill key storage and data protection functions such as replication, deduplication and tape management. This helps reduce workloads for servers and networks, in turn helping reduce administration efforts.

ETERNUS CS data protection solutions for small and large environments

Fujitsu Storage ETERNUS CS8001 is an easy-to-operate, disk-based appliance providing the perfect data consolidation platform for small to mid-sized backup environments, with a best-in-class price performance ratio. It is highly scalable, with automated deduplication, integrated replication and support for all major backup software. The ETERNUS CS800 provides foundations for a comprehensive data protection strategy, maximizing the availability of applications and reliably protecting against data loss and disaster.

Fujitsu Storage ETERNUS CS80002 is an extremely versatile storage solution for backup, archive, second-tier and object data , providing non-stop protection and outstanding recovery performance for mission-critical data. It is designed for large and demanding environments including financial institutions, telecommunications service providers and transport network operators. ETERNUS CS8000 is the industry’s largest backup appliance in terms of scale and the only appliance that can consolidate data from mainframe and open systems. Its versatility, efficiency and flexibility – combined with easy administration – helps reduce the total cost of ownership for complex backup environments by up to 60%. Using intelligent process automation and pooled storage capacities, data and copies are automatically managed between different storage tiers and media, including SSD, disk, deduplication and tape technology, depending on the required performance and availability levels.

Complementing the ETERNUS CS data protection appliances, the Fujitsu ETERNUS LT tape storage portfolio provides cost-efficient offline backup for mid- to long-term data retention or archiving.

Facilitating new services

This new, unified approach to data protection, consolidating data from sources including cloud, applications and the data center, addresses the challenge of how to handle fast growing data volumes. It provides the flexibility and scalability needed to manage huge data pools and cope with changing service demands. It also facilitates the introduction of new, enterprise-wide services such as archiving, searches, analytics and data governance.

Christian Leutner, Head of Product Sales Europe, Fujitsu says: “Hybrid IT environments have become the new norm, with services and delivery models coming from a variety of sources, from on-premises and the cloud, as well as the network edge. As this diversity grows, it is becoming harder to consolidate all data. The new ETERNUS CS appliances create a single, seamless storage layer across all data sources. By consolidating storage services and decoupling storage from the application layer allows businesses to implement long-term data management strategies. Consolidated storage also means a chance to improve data security and governance, and – importantly – to keep the door open to adding future application services, which is where the ETERNUS CS appliances bring real business value, both today and into the future.”

Pricing and availability

The new Fujitsu ETERNUS CS800 and ETERNUS CS8000 are available to order from Fujitsu and its partners. Pricing varies according to configuration.

Notes to editors

1 The new ETERNUS CS800 includes new features such as improved performance for data protection efficiency up to 37 TB/hour with SPEED mode, advanced reporting for clarity and ease of application management, enhanced scale-out capacity upgradable to 1.02 PB on an incremental basis, and multi-protocol access: CIFS/NFS, VTL, OST, and VDMS

2 The ETERNUS CS8000 now offers object interfaces to allow organizations to consolidate any data on the appliance. Object interfaces provide a target system for applications using S3 and SWIFT protocols. Tightened front-end integration with Veritas NetBackup software enables advanced options such as client-side deduplication and Oracle RMAN integration. In addition, the new Storage Matrix feature allows the connection of several ETERNUS CS8000 systems in one cluster with unified management and administration.

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