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Fujitsu Delivers Greater Multi-Cloud Cybersecurity

Stockholm, October 31, 2019

News facts: 

- New portfolio of cloud security consulting and assessment services increase resilience, availability, data integrity and confidentiality

- Cloud-agnostic security controls provide consistent application and governance of policies across complex multi-cloud environments 

- Provides customers with the ability to easily migrate between cloud platforms while reducing the impact or having to re-engineer security

Fujitsu today launches a new portfolio of multi-cloud security services, enabling organizations to stay on top of the increasingly complex security challenges from multi-cloud environments.

A new portfolio of security controls that are both cloud-specific and cloud-agnostic increase data resilience, availability and integrity. As a result, new Fujitsu managed security services for the cloud provide consistent application and governance of corporate policies even across complex multi-cloud environments. Customers retain the flexibility to choose the best combination of cloud solutions from multiple providers, without compromising their overall security posture.

New Fujitsu service offerings for cloud security include identity and access management, data protection, unified endpoint security, unified threat management and security monitoring. These both optimize standard security controls delivered by cloud service providers and augment them with cloud-agnostic security services, empowering organizations to avoid dependence on any particular cloud platform.

Alongside cloud-agnostic data encryption, the new Fujitsu offer includes Cloud Security Posture Management, enabling customers to continuously assess and remediate potential security risks. An enterprise data encryption service spans multiple clouds and includes both key management and data encryption services across virtual servers, files and folders, databases and applications. Security services also include enhanced protection for cloud workloads with Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) services and for specific Microsoft Office 365 offerings.

Managing the challenge of multi-cloud cybersecurity

Multi-cloud strategies are increasingly dominant: the Fujitsu State of Orchestration 2018/19 survey of IT decision makers confirmed that on average, enterprises are using nine cloud vendors today, with almost two-thirds of organizations expecting multi-cloud to become an even more significant part of their IT architecture over the next two years.

With the growing range of cloud platforms available and the rapid rate at which cloud service providers release new technology, services and capabilities, complexity is growing. As a consequence, security considerations and policies must now support flexible approaches for workloads, without compromising on security, and while providing protection and consistent encryption of workloads.

As customers move ever deeper into the cloud – from Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) to Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and then to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) – cloud service providers take on more responsibility for embedded security. With its new portfolio of multi-cloud security services, Fujitsu provides cloud-agnostic security controls to complement cloud-native controls. These services establish new, more autonomous security, providing visibility across multi-cloud environments and help prevent the creation of potentially isolated cloud silos.

The right expertise at a time of global IT skills shortages

With most organizations facing a shortage of skilled IT staff, sourcing and retaining the specialized expertise for enhanced cybersecurity is an increasing priority. Supported by threat analytics, threat intelligence and threat response services provided from an Advanced Threat Center, Fujitsu’s multi-cloud managed security services are based on more than 40 years of experience in managing large-scale cybersecurity in the public and private sectors. Deep experience across diverse cloud providers enables Fujitsu to advise on the best approach to unified multi-cloud security. Its multi-cloud security services are built on independently-recognized capabilities, as demonstrated by Fujitsu’s consistent inclusion in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Managed Security Services, which ranks the top global MSS vendors.

Rob Norris, VP Head of Digital Technology Services & Enterprise Cyber Security at Fujitsu, says: “With multi-cloud at the heart of digital transformation projects, Fujitsu advocates tackling cybersecurity right from the start to ensure autonomous data protection, and avoid lock-in with a single cloud provider. Fujitsu’s 360-degree security stance goes beyond technology so that people, processes, compliance and regulatory demands are all taken into consideration, ensuring total security. Fujitsu’s new multi-cloud security services portfolio delivers the data resilience, availability, integrity and confidentiality that are key requirements in multi-cloud environments.”

To create a comprehensive security posture assessment in a multi-cloud environment, Fujitsu focuses on three core zones of risk. The first is cloud, where visibility of risks can be ‘submerged’ at a level not apparent to the user organization. The second zone is internal – the possibility of inadvertent misconfiguration, malicious internal threats and the need to maintain constantly vigilant compliance with complex regulations. The third is external risk, such as takeover of accounts or insertion of malware, zero-day threats, or more insidious ‘social engineering’, where employees are psychologically manipulated into compromising security or divulging confidential information.

Pricing and availability

Fujitsu’s new multi-cloud security services portfolio is available directly from Fujitsu in the Northern and Western Europe region (United Kingdom, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and Sweden). Pricing is according to the services consumed.

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