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Fujitsu – Lean Supply Chain

Lean supply chain

Lean management from Fujitsu

Fujitsu Services – Sourcing & Supply Services
Fujitsu have drawn on the experiences of world class companies and combined the use of lean supply chain management techniques together with Fujitsu's own unique Sense and Respond approach to provide continuous service improvement. Fujitsu's Supply Chain now has a program of change utilizing elements of Lean, Kaizen and Six Sigma.

“Through the use of Lean we have restructured our operation and processes to ensure the work flows and relationships with suppliers and customers are enhanced and we are more flexible within a highly controlled environment,” comments Paul Fraser, Head of Fujitsu Logistics, “As a result, we have a very capable back-end to a very efficient and proficient front-end capability in the procurement of equipment and the delivery of engineering services, such as our break-fix and recycling capabilities. We are now a leader in our field, because we understand what our customers want – and can deliver it.” 

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