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Environment Agency

Creation of new tools and mechanisms

to monitor actual benefits realisation

Environment Agency
Five million people, in over two million properties, now live in flood risk areas in England and Wales and it is the responsibility of the Environment Agency to predict and warn people of the risk of flooding from rivers and seas.

Fujitsu had been chosen by the Environment Agency to develop the FWD system, so it was a natural partner to implement a benefits realisation strategy, as Doug Whitfield explains, “Fujitsu already had a detailed understanding of our business, so it made sense to build on that relationship. It also really knew what it was talking about in benefits realisation. So, we agreed to use Fujitsu's ‘ResultsStation' methodology on the NFFS and FWD systems and treat them as a pilot for the use of benefits realisation across the organisation.

Fujitsu's benefits realisation approach is designed to help organisations to identify, structure, monitor, measure and ultimately realise the benefits arising from the appropriate application of IT.