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Ministry of Education and Research, Estonia

Making it easier to keep on learning

An application portal solution from Fujitsu

Photo of Ministry of Education and Research, Estonia
SAIS provides a Common Admissions Information Portal that enables Estonian school leavers to submit electronic applications to participating universities and colleges securely over the Internet. They can log-on to the system through the country's Citizen's portal using their Estonian national ID-card or through one of the Estonian internet banks, so the identity of everyone who uses SAIS is fully verified. However, students also have the opportunity to submit admission applications on paper if they want to.

In addition, SAIS is connected to educational databases in other countries, so it is not necessary to provide evidence of previous educational achievements, examination grades, or higher education qualifications if that data is already recorded elsewhere. However, even if such data does not yet exist electronically, SAIS can issue a request to the relevant school to corroborate any missing or unverified information, and once this data is confirmed and entered in SAIS it can then be used to support any additional student applications.