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Dept. Environment, Heritage & Local Government

Saving on time and operational costs

due to operations been streamlined

Dept. Environment, Heritage & Local Government
The collection of motor tax and the management of driving licenses is a major business for the Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government (DoEHLG). In motor tax alone, over €500 million was collected in 2001 from over 1.7 million taxed vehicles. 

This involved some 3.5 million transactions. The DoEHLG wanted to implement a new computer system to bring its motor tax and licensing operation into the 21st century.

The DoEHLG worked with Fujitsu Services to completely refurbish and take on the management of the IT infrastructure in motor taxation offices across the country. Fujitsu was tasked with delivering, maintaining and supporting the infrastructure for over forty locations and around 700 desktops around Ireland, using Microsoft NT 2000 servers and Microsoft Office 2000 on the desktops.