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Easier order and delivery management by EDI platform, deployed by Fujitsu

"In Fujitsu we have a partner that has provided us with an EDI platform that centrally manages, converts and monitors all our international data flows."

Hinrich Kastern, Head of Information Management, Bahlsen GmbH & Co. KG

The customer

The family-owned enterprise, with its two Bahlsen and Leibniz brands, is the market leader for baked confectionary in Germany, and one of the foremost manufacturers in this market segment in Europe. Country- specific brands Kornland (Austria), Krakuski (Poland) and Brandt (Germany) round off the product portfolio, manufactured at five sites in Europe and exported to over 80 countries.

The challenge

The number of partners with whom Bahlsen exchanges data has increased sharply in recent years. In selecting Fujitsu for the task of integrating individual European subsidiaries into the EDI system, the company has opted for a service provider that can also implement country-specific requirements, for instance, various EDI standard formats.

The solution

Providing a central platform which enables Bahlsen to model and manage all processes for orders, delivery notes and invoices.

The benefit

  • Improvement in the efficiency of international sales and distribution processes
  • The central platform consolidates all of the subsidiary’s relevant data streams
  • Rapid integration of customers and external systems
  • Standardization speeds up exchange of information and invoices with external systems
  • Fewer errors during data transmission
  • As a highly experienced provider, consideration given to country-specific standards during implementation, for instance, EDI formats
  • In-depth consulting and onsite

Ladda ner

Read the full Bahlsen - EDI case study (365 KB/A4, 2 pages)