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Dublin Airport Authority: Customised Oracle Training Program

Customised Oracle Training Program

for 18 different Oracle 11i Financial Management Modules

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Dublin Airport Authority could have chosen Oracle Official Curriculum training, but decided instead that customised training would better suit their needs.

In order to fulfill this need, Fujitsu and Dublin Airport Authority worked closely together to develop and complete a “Training needs analysis”. This enabled the writing of a comprehensive Training Plan, and helped with the development of the customised training material. This was subsequently successfully managed and delivered by Fujitsu to the Dublin Airport Authority staff nationwide. 

The key benefits to Dublin Airport Authority from the Fujitsu approach to Oracle Training:
  • Cost Effectiveness: Fujitsu provided on-site delivery of the training programme direct to the three hundred end-users from across a spectrum of 18 Oracle 11i ERP modules, which kept training cost from spiraling.
  • Customisation: Fujitsu's programme offered custom training which eliminated unnecessary training and combined all training into one cohesive whole, whilst accurately matching the user's actual environment.
  • Confidence: Dublin Airport Authority's staff were motivated and unafraid of the challenges of the new system as a consequence of the expertise of Fujitsu's trainers (in total, 600 Participant Evaluations were completed, and all met or exceeded the Service Level Agreement).
  • Efficiency: Fujitsu provided timely training which ensured that training delivery took place in accordance with the overall Project Plan.

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