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Nikken Lease Kogyo Invests in Fujitsu Tablets

"The introduction of tablets has allowed us to perform an inspection as soon as scaffolding is returned and the data is reflected onto the system. This has enabled near real-time monitoring of our inventory, resulting in a reduction in lost opportunities"

Kazuya Mitsukawa, General IT Manager, Nikken Lease Kogyo

The customer

Nikken Lease Kogyo rents and leases items such as construction-related materials, nursing-care products, and office and event supplies. As a pioneer in renting construction-related equipment for temporary use, Nikken Lease Kogyo owns one third of all temporary materials marketed in Japan. The company possesses more than 2,000 items of rental assets in order to be able to respond to a wide range of rental demands from temporary housing to office supplies, office automation equipment, and home appliances.

The challenge

Nikken Lease Kogyo traditionally used paper forms when inspecting its leased scaffolding material but wanted a more streamlined way of working that would match stock and inventory data in real-time.

The solution

As laptops would not operate effectively in the dusty environment of building sites, the company invested in 500 Fujitsu tablets, with stylus, camera and dust-proof cover, in order to easily capture the information onsite.

The benefit

  • Using tablet devices to enable on-site data entry has allowed the company to achieve an online inspection rate of nearly 100 percent
  • The introduction of the new process has reduced the amount of work by 4,160 hours per month nationwide (equal to the workload of 26 employees) for data entry alone
  • The company is now able to monitor most of its inventory in real-time, preventing the loss of business opportunities
  • A camera embedded in the tablet enables employees to send photographs and information to the server immediately, resulting in greater efficiency

Products and services

  • 500 x Fujitsu tablets

Ladda ner

Download the full Nikken Lease Kogyo case study (274 KB/A4, 2 pages)