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Kornherr Associates GmbH

"By 2014 we are planning to close down our data center, which will significantly reduce our ongoing IT investment, and little by little move our existing customers into the Cloud."

Karlheinz Hirn CEO, Kornherr Associates GmbH

Recruiting Chain Management®

Kornherr Associates was initially founded as human resources consultancy with projects around HR-organization, -development and -consultancy as well as high-level recruiting. In the tight IT labor market of the 90s, recruiting soon became their core business. In times of growth with five-figure applications to be processed all the way through a company per year per enterprise, customers expressed the wish to significantly relieve HR departments in the hiring of new, qualified personnel. In 1998 Recruiting Chain Management® was the first solution of its kind in the European market. Volume processes such as standard communication with the applicants, process control and –documentation as well as parts of the initial selection were outsourced to the software to a wide extent and lean HR departments could focus on their core competencies within the hiring process: Advertising, final selection and contract negotiations; this is still true today and makes for a strong business case for enterprises.

The challenge

Kornherr Associates GmbH is planning to grow its customer base in expanding internationally as well as across industries and add small and medium businesses. Even though Recruiting Chain Management® is available in various languages and therefore can be deployed internationally, the company has reached its limits with its own data center when addressing a 24/7/365-service. Adding mirrored high-performance servers as well as the respective manpower at the data center is very costly and needs to meet highest standards in data privacy protection.

The solution

To offer Recruiting Chain Management® as Software as a Service (SaaS) in the Cloud is the obvious step for Kornherr Associates towards offering their powerful software and services suite, which has been browser-based for years, to an extended customer base. Particularly the high level of security at Fujitsu’s data centers made a compelling case for the company, to select Fujitsu and its Fujitsu Cloud Store as a strong international partner. Security is an issue of tremendous importance especially with all personnel data. Their long-term goal is to close down their own data center and run and distribute their software exclusively via the Cloud.

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