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  5. Vogelsänger benefits from increased flexibility thanks to the Fujitsu Cloud

Vogelsänger benefits from increased flexibility thanks to the Fujitsu Cloud

"Cloud Computing via the Fujitsu Business Solutions Store is a sustainable model for us, both ecologically and economically."

Peter Texter Managing Director, Vogelsänger Event

Software from the Cloud – more productivity through flexibility

A project management solution can only be fully effective when all employees can access it comfortably from wherever they happen to be. For Vogelsänger, a communications agency with 150 full-time employees in addition to many freelancers and external service providers, this requirement is entirely self-evident. Until now, the agency group maintained its own server and storage resources for this purpose, and used a fixed licence model for software. Vogelsänger’s impulse to change to a more flexible Cloud solution was driven by considerations of sustainability.

Software delivery as and when necessary

Vogelsänger Event is thus one of the first German agencies to receive the ‘Sustainable Company’ certificate as a sustainably operating company from the inter-trade organization FAMAB. “In this context, we put all of our production processes to the test,” says Peter Texter, Managing Director at Vogelsänger Event. “To move our existing solution, PROJEKTA von BBL Software, to the Cloud was a perfect fit for this concept.” The booking was arranged via Fujitsu’s Cloud Store. In a way, this can be described as an online marketplace for the delivery of Software-as-a- Service. Users can obtain information about solutions from different divisions and order these flexibly, tailor-made for their employee and usage requirements. “It can be that, when we are organizing largescale events, we are co-ordinating more than one thousand staff who have to precisely managed over a timeframe of six to twelve months,” Peter Texter explains. “Beyond this, we have enormous expenditure for decorations and technology. At the event location, everything has to be there on time, meaning the right amounts of data and a large number of freelance staff who need to access PROJEKTA.” In the past, it wasn’t just the hardware that continually had to adapt to peak demands like this – the software had to as well. “We had to buy a new PROJEKTA licence for every freelancer, even if they were only working for Vogelsänger once a year for six weeks,” says Texter. “We are now able using the Fujitsu Cloud Store to book one or twenty extra users for time period X. So the solution always adapts flexibly to our actual requirements, and then when the project is finished we can reduce the number of users again with the click of a mouse.”

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