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Self-Checkout with Fujitsu: self-service checkouts save space and time and make shopping an experience for your customers

USCAN Genesis IIU-Scan Genesis - Main Features

The self-checkout system U-Scan Genesis is a flexible system for all requirements: the self-service checkout from Fujitsu is easy to operate and executes transactions fast and reliable. The modular design provides special cost advantages: retailers can make any additions such as additional space for the placement of carrier bags and take advantage of existing investments - even with future feature upgrades or shop conversions.

Ergonomic design

The main components of the self-checkout system are: customer display, scanner, coin and bank note receiving and provider, the PIN pad and the document output are located next to and with each other; operating distances are short and support intuitive operation. The ergonomic design makes the payment process for the customer comfortable and provides quick transactions. The systems include an uninterruptible power supply (UPS), which allows performing transactions completely and properly during a power failure.

Improved customer management

The large touchscreen display guides the customer with clear illustrations and contextual guidance texts (also available with audio) through every step of the transaction: the scanning and payment process usually requires no monitoring by the store employee. The U-Scan user interface supports different languages and you can switch the language setting if needed during a transaction. With LED labeled indicators, point out input and output slots which support the customer visually orienting on the device quickly. The user interface can be adapted to the corporate identity of your business requirements.

The U-Scan Genesis family at a glance

  • The U-Scan models 1, 2 and 4 have space for one, two or four carrier bags
  • U-Scan Mini with a rotating plate has space for four or six bags (depending on the bag material: paper or plastic) and a shelf for more articles.
  • Integrated security due to a weighing controller which is located under the products and bag placement area.

Other services

  • Individual surface design
  • Advice on the implementation of self-checkout systems