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Kiosk- and Self-Payment solutions

Kiosk solutions

End-to-End Kiosk solutionsEnd-to-End Kiosk solutions

Fujitsu provides end-to-end kiosk solutions dedicated to realize individual requirements in the most optimal way. We offer a complete service package – from requirements analysis, individual and tailored to the application design, implementation and pilot testing of hard- and software, up to commissioning. With its ergonomic controls and smoothly running operation, we guarantee the acceptance by customers and employees.

Self-Payment solutions

Self-ServiceSelf-Service solution

Queuing is bad for business and can lose you vital customers. Payment Station-Mini Counter can significantly increase the speed of each transaction, reduce queuing by up to 30% and make ordering reliable, fun and rewarding.

The customer proceeds to the Payment Station, scans the receipt to recover their transaction and enters their credit/debit card into the attached EFT device or cash money into the indicated slot to complete the journey.

Kiosk- and Self-Payment solutions at a glance

  • Kiosk for information, communication and interaction with the customer. 
  • Can be used anywhere where public appeal messages could be placed and to interact with the customer. Also beside of the retail industry. 
  • Selection of screen-based, interactive systems in order to present Web-based information and personalized offers. Next to this orders can be made, with the possibility to get them delivered at home. 
  • Personalized customer approach, increases customer loyalty and provides access to a broader product and service catalog