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Company Headquarter: 
Fujitsu Technology Solutions GmbH 
Mies-van-der-Rohe-Straße 8 
80807 München 
Telephone: +49 (89) 62060-0 


Management board:  

Dr. Rolf Werner
Enno Jackwerth
Rupert Lehner
Vera Schneevoigt
Ludger Siebertz  

Supervisory board: 
Claus-Peter Unterberger (Chairman) 
Paul Riegg (Vice Chairman) 

Commercial Register: 
Registered Seat: Munich, Germany 
Court of registry: Amtsgericht Munich 
Reg. No. HRB 113308 

VAT Identification number: 

WEEE Registration number: 
DE 71700018 

Responsible in terms of § 55 Section 2 of the German Interstate Broadcasting Agreement:  
Andreas Nagler 
Web Content 
Information Technologie Group

Fujitsu Technology Solutions GmbH 
Alter Postweg 101 
86159 Augsburg 

Data protection: 
Stephan Müller 
Data Protection Officer – 
Specialized Compliance Officer Data Protection 
Fujitsu Technology Solutions GmbH 
Mies-van-der-Rohe-Str. 8 
80807 Munich 

Public directory of procedures

Name of the responsible unit: Fujitsu Technology Solutions GmbH

Executive Management: Enno Jackwerth 
Rupert Lehner 
Vera Schneevoigt 
Ludger Siebertz 
Christian Leutner

Data Processing Officer: Craig Macpherson

Address of the responsible unit: Mies-van-der-Rohe-Str. 
HighLight Towers 
D-80807 Munich

Purpose of the data collection, processing or use: The company develops, manufactures and sells notebooks, personal computers, Intel and UNIX servers, mainframes and storage solutions in its home market of Europe, the Middle East and Africa in close cooperation with development, production and sales partners and also provides the necessary services. 
The support of global customers is ensured by the sales and service organizations as well as by the parent company Fujitsu. 
The data collection, processing and use of personal data takes place on the basis of legal regulations or in order to fulfill the purposes specified above.

Description of the affected groups of persons and the related data or data categories: Data relating to customers, prospective customers, suppliers, consultants and partners if the data is required to fulfill the purposes stated under 5. 
And as regards Human Resources: Data relating to job applicants and employees. 
If requested, we are more than glad to inform you of the procedures in which your data is possibly saved and which data is involved in each individual case.

Recipients or categories of recipients to whom the data might be disclosed: Public authorities if statutory regulations of prime importance exist, external contractors pursuant to §11 of the Federal Data Protection (BDSG) as well as external and internal departments to meet the purposes stated in 5.

Standard periods for the deletion of data: The legal obligations and periods for the retention of data are satisfied. At the end of these periods the data is deleted as a matter of routine. Data unaffected by this is deleted when the purposes stated under (5) no longer apply.

Planned transfer of data to third countries: The communication data of all company employees is available to the company's employees in third countries. Data relating to customers, prospective customers, suppliers and consultants is only communicated with the consent of the individual concerned or is only communicated if it is necessary for business. 

Subsidiaries outside the EU are or will be under the obligation of the EU level of data protection according to EU Directive 95/46/EC
Technical and organizational measures pursuant to 
§ 9 of the Federal Data Protection (BDSG)

Fujitsu Technology Solutions takes all the technical and organizational measures pursuant to § 9 of the Federal Data Protection (BDSG) to protect the personal data and information it has stored. 
These are: 

Access to data processing is accordingly secured (Access control)

·         Unauthorized use is prevented by means of IDs and passwords. (System access control)

·         Authorization concepts are created for the appropriately used procedures. (Data access control)

·         Personal data is protected during transfer and transportation by the use of encryption technologies. (Forwarding control)

·         Log files ensure the subsequent verification and determination of whether data has been entered, changed or deleted and by whom. (Input control)

·         Data processing by third parties is safeguarded with appropriate agreements and directives. (Order control)

·         All Fujitsu systems are subject to constant data backup on the basis of a data backup concept and are protected against failures by technical and organizational measures. (Availability control)

Collected data is processed separately for different purposes. There is no intermixing of data. (Separation rule)
Inquiries about the public directory of procedures and requests for information pursuant to § 34 of the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) should be addressed to:

Data Protection Officer 
Fujitsu Technology Solutions GmbH 
Mies-van-der-Rohe-Straße 8 
D-80807 Munich