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Retail Solutions

Fujitsu state-of-the-art point-of-sale retail solutions create a world-class shopping environment.

Retailers are increasingly having to do more with less – and to repeat that miracle every day in a complex, unpredictable environment.

Fujitsu’s cutting-edge range of Point of Sale solutions are proven to enhance retailers flexibility, offering advanced performance, energy efficiency and reliability as the ability to generate maximum ROI becomes ever more important in today’s retail world.

The sleek, compact, and stylish design of our solution range together with ultra-modern aesthetics ensure suitability for a wide range of retail environments - from fashion to grocery and hospitality to forecourt. Retailers can appreciate the flexibility of a single product platform that supports multiple in-store touch points, which can reduce installation and service costs, as well as providing fast, easy customer transactions for the ultimate interactive retail shopping experience.

Our retail-hardened terminals deliver advanced performance, high-definition graphics and reduced power consumption to ensure retailers get the most out of their investment.

U-Reverse U-Reverse

The innovative U-Reverse provides retailers the best of breed of flexible checkout solutions.

PoS Sytems PoS Systems

PoS systems from Fujitsu are intuitive to use, energy efficient and durable. They have a compact and attractive design and adapt to different store concepts.

Mobile Devices Mobile Devices

With Fujitsu’s mobile devices for the retail environment you can optimise your connected customer experience, while mobilising your workforce.

Self-Checkout Self-Checkout

The self-checkout family U-Scan Genesis stands out with a customer-friendly user interface and performing the scanning and payment processes rapidly and reliably. Your existing PoS software is integrated by us in the self-checkout process.

Personal Shopping Personal Shopping

The self-scanning solution, that helps selling from the shelve.

Kiosk- and Self-Payment solutions Kiosk- and Self-Payment solutions

Kiosks of Fujtsu cover many applications, from the display of information to the sale of goods.
Our self-payment systems can help to relieve the cash register from the time-consuming payment process and to increase the throughput - whether exclusively for card transactions, or with cash recycling.