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Store Managed Services

No longer a commodity but an opportunity, Fujitsu adds value to engineering services

In today’s dynamic retail environment, ensuring that IT is always available to meet the needs of staff in stores and in depots is of utmost importance.

Store managed services are often seen as the unglamorous end of IT: an engineering services commodity which organisations often believe is accompanied by poor and unresponsive service delivery. At Fujitsu, we think differently and believe that retailers are missing a real opportunity if they ignore performance in this area of their operations. 

Our goal is to continually innovate engineering services so that your business can significantly increase the performance and agility of its overall operations, improve the customer experience and reduce costs.

We do this using our flexible ‘lean’ approach to service which is monitored and adapted to changing circumstances, always with a view to improve and reduce cost or time. This is a strong part of Fujitsu’s philosophy and heritage – we are continually evolving customer services to help you achieve your goals, sooner.

This focus on business outcomes is a key reason why many of the Europeans largest retailers and branch networks have selected Fujitsu to provide Store Managed Services to their outlets.

Fujitsu’s portfolio of store managed services

Since Fujitsu tailors its store managed services to suit the specific needs of a retail customer, we typically create a service strategy which captures the client’s requirements, assesses the options, and delivers the right mix of services, and the processes needed to support them.