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Digital Media Networks

Informing and inspiring your customers. Fujitsu bring all of the benefits of new-generation multimedia and digital display technologies, without the risk.

The overriding imperative today for any retailer, is to deliver more while keeping costs down, and that means finding creative and cost effective ways to increase sales and loyalty by informing and inspiring your customers.

In the face of growing print and promotional costs and ineffective campaign analysis tools, Digital Media Networks are revolutionizing the shopping experience – offering retailers the ability to cost effectively drive revenue growth by dynamically delivering information and advertising to customers.

However, the task of aggregating compelling content, delivering it when and where it is needed and billing third party advertisers efficiently, has simply proved too complex - and risky - for retailers to justify, until now.

Fujitsu’s Digital Media Networks

Fujitsu’s solutions can help you put the right content in front of the right people at precisely the right time. Fujitsu's proven capability in supporting rapid, large scale roll-outs and managing robust and scalable networks means that we can offer different tiers of implementation to align towards your requirements.

Whatever the needs of your business, you can enhance your retail environment and influence customer behavior by using the most advanced and versatile multimedia communications platform on the market today to provide superb quality imagery across all display technologies, from small LCDs to plasma and the largest LEDs.

The functionality of Fujitsu's solution enables the delivery of dynamic and targeted content, which allows marketing and local management to be proactive in developing and delivering marketing scenarios ahead of the competition.

This dynamic approach is a key factor behind why many organisations from a wide range of industries, including leading retailers like CEPSA, Galp and Repsol, are already using Fujitsu's Digital Media Network solutions to cost effectively inform and inspire their customers, and in the process has helped ensure they increase revenues/profits, develop new revenue streams, improve customer loyalties, make effective use of resources, enhance operational agility and improve decision making.

Fujitsu‘s Digital Media Networks influence positively on consumer behavior through the presentation of multimedia content in an efficient, safe and extremely compelling way.