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ServiceMaster - Key Product Features

Freight and Services
  • Contemporary Microsoft Windows user interface with client Web access
  • Very easy to use with many automatic features to speed up the job entry process
  • Advanced Rating, Despatch and Reporting Engine providing:
    • Customisable customer rate schedules providing flexible charge options
    • Jobs which are ordered by ready date and time, service or location with hot keys for rapid processing
    • Colour coded jobs for easy identification of priority work
    • Flexible, easy to use, real time, powerful reporting
  • Optional integration with two way messaging using Mobile Data Terminals (MDTs) or PDAs for efficient voiceless and paperless communication with the driver fleet
  • Optional fully integrated Client Web access module


Users can record their own company details that will appear on reports and invoices generated by the system. Job numbers and invoice numbers are under user control to allow customisation to suit each company.

The system allows parameters to be defined to suit each company's operation.

These settings include:

  • Invoice messages
  • Work areas
  • Fault types
  • Resolution types

Job Entry

Job entry is designed for rapid entry of information by the use of quick lookup options to identify the client booking the job. Predefined job types and fault descriptions aid the rapid entry of job details. The job entry time and operator who booked the call are automatically recorded. The user may enter a preferred service request time and assign the appropriate priority to the job.

Customer service is enhanced by providing on-line status to each job. Free format notes can be added to any job to record additional details.


The ServiceMaster despatch screen is designed to allow ready access to all job details to maximise the use of the technical resources.

The user can request a list of unallocated, in progress and completed work. Each list can be sorted in whatever order the user prefers.

Any job can be assigned to more than one technician and all actions against the job (i.e. allocate, on-site, completed) can be recorded via a mouse click for rapid recording or be updated in real-time from the technician's MDT or PDA.

When your technicians are equipped with an MDT, all jobs allocated to each technician are displayed on their MDT providing accurate job details. The technician’s actions are recorded on their MDT (onsite, offsite, completed, parts used and fault resolution codes) and updated against the job details providing an online and accurate timesheet recording system.


On entry each job is rated and when completed is ready for client invoicing. The ServiceMaster invoice is a laser quality document that can be customised to suit the specific requirements of each of our customers. Invoices are able to be recalled on screen to answer any customer enquiry.


ServiceMaster includes a full suite of operational reports for all job activity.

The job details report allows easy selection of client range, date range, service and job status. Full job details can be viewed or simply a summary of invoice totals by client or service.

The client jobs report provides a powerful view of jobs that are grouped by client, service, date or any other job field that is preferred.

Using the SQL database, customised reports are easily produced and data can be accessed directly via spreadsheets or word processing.

Technician Communications

ServiceMaster is designed to be fully integrated with any two-way mobile data communications solution, including MDTs or PDAs. A ServiceMaster mobile data solution will deliver improved driver efficiency with a voiceless and paperless operating environment.

Client Web Access

ServiceMaster includes an optional client web job booking module. This module provides full self service options including job entry, job tracking and invoice re-print options.


ServiceMaster is designed to be integrated with the business’s accounting system of choice.

Computer Platform

  • Microsoft Windows Platform

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