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FreightMaster - for bulk line haul transport

Freight and Services

Accuracy of rating and manifesting are two of the primary concerns of businesses involved in line haul freight. FreightMaster from Fujitsu is tailor-made for the industry to address these key issues.

FreightMaster can handle the complexities of providing accurate rating schedules across a number of variables. FreightMaster also automates freight manifesting, to provide precise tracking of all freight movements.

Working through the typical job lifecycle from booking, to despatch, to rating, manifesting and invoicing, FreightMaster takes specialist freight functions and integrates them into a cohesive software application that can handle all of the day to day functions of your business. It is the complete operations management system for the freight transportation industry.
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How your business can benefit

FreightMaster delivers a number of important benefits, including:

  • A specialist solution
  • Improved labour efficiency
  • Reduced risk of error
  • Pertinent management information
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Improved customer service

Key features

  • A specialised solution
    With rating and manifesting functionality, Fujitsu's FreightMaster is specifically designed for the requirements of the freight industry.
  • Accurate rating
    FreightMaster uses powerful software to create accurate rating schedules.
  • Accurate manifesting
    Electronic manifesting processes data to give greater visibility of load consolidations and individual jobs.
  • A single system
    FreightMaster brings all your IT functions together in one operational and management application to give you greater control.
  • Simplified information flow
    FreightMaster simplifies your information handling. It reduces the risk of using redundant or outdated information and minimises costs caused by misinformation.
  • Uses a Windows platform
    With FreightMaster, we will make the best use of your existing technology and provide a system that is easy to use and interfaces with your current financial system.

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