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DespatchMaster - for time critical courier deliveries

Freight and Services

In the highly competitive time critical courier industry even small advantages can have a big impact on the bottom line. DespatchMaster is highly specialised software designed to optimise key business functions including job bookings and computer assisted despatch.

DespatchMaster provides real-time data from pick-ups and deliveries and precise details of courier location and direction. Armed with this information and using the system’s intuitive commands, assigning jobs becomes quick and accurate.

DespatchMaster can control more couriers, more efficiently and with greater speed. Your couriers on the road are better utilised, your customers receive even faster, more assured service, and your business enjoys more profitability. Click for more product details.

How your business can benefit

DespatchMaster delivers a number of important benefits, including:

  • A tailor-made solution
  • Improved efficiency
  • Improved service levels
  • Proactive management
  • Increases courier revenues
  • Compatibility with existing systems
  • Increased accountability

Key features

  • Easy to use
    DespatchMaster uses contemporary, Windows technology. This reduces training time and provides a solution that is easy to use.
  • Advanced despatching
    DespatchMaster presents despatchers with information in a simple and functional form. Allocation of jobs is simplified by a unique split screen display which allows viewing of jobs-in-progress, couriers and their locations.
  • Highly configurable
    The ability to customise the application to suit your business simplifies your information handling.
  • Ease of reporting
    Analysis of on-time performance allows DespatchMaster to provide you with reports by client, despatcher or courier, allowing you to focus on areas that require attention.
  • Easy to implement
    Our team of industry experts will ensure a smooth, efficient and timely installation and set-up.
  • Transport industry experience
    We have extensive experience in the time critical courier industry. We speak your language and will use our specialist knowledge to customise the application for your particular requirements.

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