Fujitsu Biometric Authentication PalmSecure

Authentication Library Millions Edition

Maximum 10 million hands is the top class authentication scale in biometrics!

Millions Edition is a software that enables fast and accurate ultra-large population authentication with just the palm of your hand.

  • Faster authentication process

    You can process identity authentication at high speed.
    Even when we scale up to 10 million hands, we are able to authenticate more comfortably without stress.

  • Up to 10 million hands authentication

    By introducing new AI technology*, we are able to authenticate the identity of 10 million hands, 50 times more than before.
    * Introduced machine learning with CNN (Convolutional Neural Network).

  • Continued high authentication accuracy

    Even when the scale is expanded to the maximum of 10 million hands, we maintain the same high authentication accuracy as before, with a 0.01% rejection rate (including 1 retry).

Usage Scene

Achieve a safer and more secure society than ever before with large-scale authentication in the palm of your hand!

By realizing up to 10 million hands authentication, we will expand the application of high-precision, high-security palm vein authentication in large-scale and diverse usage situations, such as payment or transportation, in addition to conventional applications.

Product Line-up for Server

Please select the product according to the authentication scale and application.

Fujitsu Biometrics Authentication PalmSecure
Authentication Library Millions Edition
(Conventional product)
Fujitsu Biometrics Authentication PalmSecure
Authentication Library Enterprise Edition
Maximum identification population10 million hands1 million hands0.2 million hands
Unit of purchase1 lisence per a server1 lisence per a server1 server per 2 cores
Lisence formAnnual lisenceParmanent lisenceParmanent lisence
ReferenceLicense renewal is required every year.Requires a license for the maximum number of cores used by an application that integrates PalmSecure Auth Library Enterprise Edition

*PalmSecure SDK V02PDF is required to develop the authentication system.

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