UHF RFID Linen Tag Fujitsu WT-A543/WT-A541

Fujitsu’s latest industrial strength flexible UHF RFID tags have a smaller form factor for insertion into virtually any linen. Laundries will greatly improve linen and garment processing with near 100% accurate reading. Garment and Linen owners will see improved asset tracking and reduced loss, while keeping their costs low by improving workflow and efficiency.

Advantages of UHF Technology

UHF efficiency increases tag read performance to read hundreds of tags in a single pass.
Can withstand high pressure extractors and flatworks irons used in high-throughput laundries.
Inventory management can be performed accurately and easily by reading multiple tags with very low error rates.
Installation of UHF technology will provide cost-effective garment management by reducing labor cost associated with barcode or high frequency RFID tags.

  • Soft, flexible material ideal for textiles, linens, and garments
  • Smaller form factor for direct inseam attachment
  • New mechanical design for improved performance
  • Exceptional durability for washing, drying, dry cleaning
  • Suitable for high-pressure extractors up to 60 bar
  • Suitable for Autoclave sterilization
  • 100% non-magnetic construction suitable for hospital use
RFID Standard ISO/IEC 18000-63 (EPC Gen2)
Regulations RoHS Conforms to RoHS regulations
China RoHS Conforms to Administrative Measure on the Control of Pollution Caused by Electronic Information Products
MRI Safety Information MR Conditional (Static magnetic field of 1.5-T and 3-T)
Size & Weight 55 (W) x 7 (D) x 1.6 (H) mm, 0.8g
Tag Type Passive
EPC Number Area WT-A543 128bit/ unlocked (The first 96bit are pre-written by Fujitsu)*1
WT-A541 128bit/ permanently locked (The first 96bit are pre-written by Fujitsu)*1
User Memory NONE
Reading Range (Textile) 902-928 MHz 4W eirp 250cm (Typical), 2W erp 220cm (Typical)
865.6-867.6 MHz 2W erp 200cm (Typical)
Reading Range (Rubber Mat) 902-928 MHz 4W eirp 200cm (Typical)
865.6-867.6 MHz 2W erp 220cm (Typical)
Tagging Directly sewing into seam of linen items; sewing with patch/pouch, heat sealing
Estimated Lifetime 200 washing cycles/dry cleaning or 3 years from shipping date, whichever comes first *2
Washing Method Laundry, Dry cleaning (Perchloroethylene, Hydrocarbon solvent)*3
Water Extraction Pressure Up to 60 bar
Chemical Resistance Standard Detergent, Softener, Bleach (Oxygen/ Chlorine), Alkali, Acetic/Peracetic Acid
Autoclave Sterilization 121ºC, 20 minutes, 80 cycles *4
Heat Resistance Drying 85ºC (Up to 60 min.) or 120ºC (Up to 10 min.)
Ironing 200ºC (Up to 10 sec. with press cloth)
Temperature/Humidity Operating -20 to 50ºC, 10 to 95% RH
Storage -40 to 55ºC, 8 to 95% RH

All data are results performed in our test condition according to Japan Industrial Standard JIS L 0217 - 102, 301, 401, 402. Your test result may vary.

*1: Last 32 bits are not specified. Modifying EPC area is not covered by product warranty
*2: Verified with independent testing - nominal industrial laundry conditions
*3: Conditions for dry cleaning: Up to 10 minutes/cycle for washing, and 30 minutes/cycle within 60ºC for drying
*4: This test was conducted under Fujitsu Frontech’s laboratory

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