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Global Bill Recycling Unit

Global Bill Recycling Unit is backed by Fujitsu's team of experienced, dedicated professionals who are committed to bringing you the devices you need to create solutions that will help your customers succeed. Tell us about your unique OEM requirements and make Fujitsu a part of your team.

GSR50 Scalable Cash Recycler

Scalable Cash Recycler

Compact and scalable recycler designed to support multiple industry verticals including retail, financial, transportation,etc. Its basic function, to accept, dispense, recycle bills and detect counterfeit bills makes it an ideal choice for most applications.


G750 Bill Recycling Unit

New Global Pocket Type Bill Recycling Unit

Pocket type Bill Recycling Unit "G750" as an addition to its product lineup that includes the current slot type Bill Recycling Unit, and as part of its efforts to move ahead with globalization.


G750 image

G60 Bill Recycling Unit

Compact, Slim, but Highly-reliable Global Bill Recycling Unit

G60 has a compact profile yet still has a banknote capacity that accommodates up to 1,900 bills. It achieves high reliability with the validation technology of the FTEC "BV100" Bill Validator.


G60 image

G610 / G611 Bill Recycling Unit

Second generation

Fujitsu's cash recycling technology has evolved into the second generation.

The bill transport performance improved by the analysis of various kinds of banknote conditions and operational needs worldwide contributes to accomplishing the higher stability of their equipments' running.