G510 Bill Dispensing Unit

Obsolete product information

G510 Bill Dispensing Unit has been discontinued.
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Advanced Media Dispensing Unit. World-proven performance. Powerful Multi-Cassette Media Dispensing Unit.

Product Outline

  • G510 is an advanced bill dispensing unit with high speed, large capacity, and reliability.
  • Expandable up to a 4 cassette configuration, 3,000 notes/ cassette.
  • Maximum 100 notes/ transaction.
  • Support international currencies.

Main Features

Advanced technology & high performance

  • High-speed and steady bill handling accomplished by advanced bills transport mechanism.
  • Expandable up to 4 cassettes to hold as many as 12,000 bills.
  • Maximum 100 bills bunch dispensing or retrieval per transaction.
  • High security supported by bill retrieval function and lockable cassettes (option).

Flexible & easy integration

  • Easily adjustable cassette supporting various international bills and other media.
  • Applicable with CEN/XFS interface and easy integration with other devices.
  • Simple integration with easily accessible mounting brackets.

Easy operability & maintenance

  • Easy bill jam clearance by accessing all the transportation paths.
  • Less frequent replenishment or withdrawal operation realized by large capacity cassettes/reject box.
  • Advanced local and remote diagnostics help prevent problems in advance.

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