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Kazuhiro Igarashi, President and Representative Director

Based on the concept of “providing products and services that connect people to information and communications technology (ICT) with Leading-edge technology,” the FUJITSU FRONTECH Group is forging ahead with total business, from products through to solution services, with regard to the development, manufacture, sales and servicing of front-technology products. Operating in a society marked by dynamic changes brought about by the spread of the Digitalization such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI), we consider it our mission to support customer business innovation and development as an ICT company involved in the "B to B to Front" field.

We strives to further bolster one of its greatest strengths, which is the ability to offer everything from products to customer solutions and services all in one place, in fields such as finance, retail, and industry and the public sector. While cultivating business operations capable of responding with precision to changing market demands, we provide support for customers' business life cycles using ICT through services such as operation monitoring and help desks.

In the global market, we are working to expand product portfolios while deploying comprehensive ICT based solutions in unconventional areas such as finance, retail services, commercial storefronts and store offices with the aim of expanding fields of business activity and promoting regional expansion in developing nations and other locations.

RFID tag technologies, palm vein authentication devices and other technologies and products exhibit new growth potential and represent our strengths as a group. While positioning these as key elements for innovation in frontline areas, we endeavor to expand our customer solutions and services throughout a wide range of fields.

The FUJITSU FRONTECH Group delivers high-quality, reliable products, solutions and services founded in both domestic and global-scale technologies in order to provide new value to customers. Based on the fundamental principles and action policies of the FUJITSU FRONTECH Way, we continue to develop the technologies that serve as our strengths, while pursuing innovative change by leveraging our Group's unique manufacturing-firm DNA cultivated over the years along with high-level onsite performance capabilities rooted in field and operations know-how. In these ways, we will further boost our corporate value and contribute toward sustained development of customers and society.

Kazuhiro Igarashi
President and Representative Director,