Message from the President

In the era of VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity), where drastic changes and high uncertainties swirl, Fujitsu Frontech Group have decided to comply with Fujitsu Way and established Fujitsu Frontech Purpose to clarify who we are, where we are heading, and what we can do. Fujitsu Frontech took a new step forward by defining "To create a tomorrow with new connections between people and companies, people and society" as Purpose.

Our company has long cherished the technical capability and excellence of our hardware, software and service while enhancing the customer experience based on industry knowledge and know-how. These are our DNA (enduring strengths and values) and based on these strengths and values, we aim to become a DX (Digital Transformation) company at the forefront of our customers. When people touch "MONO (product)" and interact "KOTO (service-oriented way of thinking)", we create new connections between people and companies, people and society. We strive to change the world to a place where people can enjoy entirely new services, by connecting human interaction and digital technology. We will "challenge" to realize this vision, and as a result, we will continue to "provide value" that exceeds expectations to all stakeholders.

Based on this Purpose, we will take on the challenge of the transformation. And we will create an affluent and vibrant corporate culture, promote efforts to achieve SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), the common goals of the international community, and contribute to realize the sustainable society.

President and Representative Director
Hiromu Kawakami

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