The Fujitsu Frontech Group's first priority in all business activities is to protect the health and safety of our employees both in mind and body by providing a safe and healthy work environment in which we operate.
· We will foster a culture that does not tolerate accidents, incidents and poor safety performance.
· We will ensure safety is a core business value, and make safety important and personal in order to influence people’s decisions and behavior
· We will completely eliminate the loss of business opportunities due to preventable illnesses, injuries, and unexpected work-related accidents


The Fujitsu Frontech Group will maintain a safe and comfortable working environment, and promote employees’ mental and physical health in every work place.

  • KPI :
    · Zero occurrences of serious accidents
    · Implementing health and safety-related management reviews, conducted once a year

Promotion System

Our promotion system of occupational health and safety, for which the head of Corporate Center is responsible, implements, strengthens and expands various measures in cooperation with human resources division, the health promotion division and health insurance union. In addition to usual safety and health guidance, we improve continuously occupational health and safety through active participation of all employees.

Promotion system of occupational health and safety

Major Initiatives

Annual activity

We set themes for health, safety, and accident prevention every year, and work on them throughout the year.
Our group also conducts various activities and disaster drills in line with nationwide awareness campaigns such as Safety Week, Health Week, and Disaster Prevention Month.

Workplace patrol

In addition to members of the Safety, Health, and Accident Prevention Committee, we conduct workplace patrols throughout the workplace to provide guidance on workplace safety and health and improve the environment.
In recent years, along with the shift to a telework-based working style, we have been working to create a "happy workplace" where employees can work energetically, safely, and with peace of mind. For example, we have changed the workplace layout to make effective use of space.

Accident-free working hours

As of March 2023

Achievements in Fiscal 2022

  • Number of serious accidents 0
  • Conducted exchange of opinions among relevant parties for implementation of management review

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