SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) adopted by United Nations in 2015, are global common targets that companies, communities and governments all over the world need to take actions hand in hand to achieve by 2030.
We, Fujitsu Frontech Group, are willing to contribute to the achievement of SDGs, by establishing and practicing "Fujitsu Frontech Purpose" as well as by following Fujitsu Way, the principle in Fujitsu Group.

Toward Achievement of SDGs

Contribution to the achievement of SDGs in a forward-looking manner is the social responsibility of all companies, because they will not be able to run own businesses continuously unless Environment, Social and Economy are kept sustainable. We have been taking broad actions on SDGs to resolve not only environmental issues such as climate change but social and economic ones, since we noticed the importance of SDGs at an early stage.
The following is introduction of our actions on SDGs. (You can see the information in detail, if clicking the links of each theme.)

Our Actions on SDGs

ThemesMajor ActionsRelated SDGs
Climate Change
  • Reduction of GHG emissions
  • Introduction of renewable energy
  • Increase of products energy efficiency

Sustainable Resource Use
  • Actions on plastic waste issues
  • Promotion of waste recycling
  • Resource savings and improvement of resource circulation in products development

Resolution of Social & Economic Issues
  • SDGs Contribution Solutions

Good Corporate Citizenship
  • Social activities in cooperation with local community
  • Sponsorship of charity work and group

Human health, Diversity and Human Rights
  • Promotion of health management
  • Promotion of active women participation
  • Efforts to hire people with disabilities
  • Education on human rights
  • CSR procurement

SDGs Promotion Structure

We organize "Environmental Business Committee", whose chairman is a president, with the approval of our "Business Committee", composed of directors and executive officers involved in our business execution, to discuss comprehensive issues including SDGs, to consider necessary measures etc. and to decide on them.
In addition, we also organize "Environmental Management Committee" whose chairman is Site Controller (assuming the level of executives) at each site, and operate the committees, including SDGs in the agenda.

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