December 25, 2023
Fujitsu Frontech Limited

Achieving 10 million hands large-scale authentication! Creating a reliable and secure society with just the palm of your hand

The new identity authentication software can be used in payment, amusement, transportation, and more

Tokyo, December 25, 2023 – Fujitsu Frontech has developed "Fujitsu Biometric Authentication PalmSecure Authentication Library Millions Edition" (hereinafter, this is called Millions Edition), a software that enables up to 10 million hands to authenticate their identity using palm vein authentication only and will be available starting on December 28, 2023.
Palm vein authentication is one of the most accurate and secure forms of biometric authentication available, as it is hard to be falsified due to the data being internal to the body. With the newly introduced A.I. technology, Millions Edition can authenticate the identity of 10 million hands, which is 50 times more than before, at a high speed. Plus, you can now rely on our secure palm vein authentication even for large-scale systems. We will promote its use in the payment, amusement, and transportation fields and so on.
We will continue to contribute to the realization of secure and comfortable authentication services for all people with palm vein authentication technology.

Scene of large-scale authentication using palm vein authentication

In recent years, identity authentication has become increasingly important, especially for activities like event attendance and secure payment processing. The rise of identity theft has become a pressing social issue, adding urgency to the demand for reliable solutions. In addition, managing registered IDs and passwords are extremely cumbersome, thus, interest in the use of biometric authentication to eliminate passwords is growing.
In order to expand the scale of identity verification using biometrics, there have been methods such as narrowing down the target by other factors before biometric authentication or combining multiple biometric authentication methods to verify identity.

Palm vein authentication is contactless and hygienic, providing an extremely low risk of ID theft, loss or counterfeiting due to its internal information technology. To date, more than 100 million people have used it in approximately 60 countries.
The new Millions Edition enables simple, large-scale authentication using palm vein authentication only, without the need for pre-filtering or combining other biometric authentication methods.
With traditional palm vein authentication, up to 200,000 hands can be authenticated. The system has been used mainly for PC log-in and for managing the entry/exit of employees and staff at offices and event venues. By achieving authentication up to 10 million hands, we are expanding the application of high-accuracy, high-security palm vein authentication to wider range of applications, in addition to conventional applications.
By applying palm vein authentication with the Millions Edition, it expands the realm of reliable, secure, and comfortable authentication for large-scale population in various usage, such as eliminating the need to sign or enter a PIN for payment, enabling customers to use automatic ticket gates empty-handed for transportation, and identification of not only staffs but also athletes, media personnel, and even audiences visiting from all over the world without identity theft at a globally recognized sporting events.

Millions Edition Features

1. 50 times more hands! Supports up to 10 million hands authentication

With the newly introduced A.I. technology, it is now possible to process 10 million identity authentications, which is 50 times more than before, at a high speed. This enables authentication at major global events using only palm vein authentication.

2. Maintained high authentication accuracy

Palm vein authentication uses a complex, intersecting pattern of many blood vessels in the palm of the hand to ensure consistent authentication.
The Millions Edition, which has expanded the population of authentication up to 10 million, maintains a high authentication accuracy rate with a 0.01% false rejection rate (including 1 retry).

Sales target

5 billion yen for the next 3 years (including related hardware and support)

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